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Textures, patterns & backgrounds
Create textiles, rocks, metal, camo, and a variety of different textures.

Some browsers may have trouble downloading some actions. Click-and-hold (Mac) or Right-click (PC) on the download buttons when selecting an action and choose "Download link to disk" or "Save link as..." from the menu to save the actions straight to your hard disk or assigned actions folder. It is essential the action retain the .ATN extension to work properly in Photoshop.

5.0 vs. 6.0
Actions made in Photoshop 5.0 can be used in Photoshop 6.0. However, Photoshop 6.0 Actions generally cannot be used in earlier versions of Photoshop.

A Ton of Metal
Designed by: Huck

Description:This is an awesome collection of 10 different metal textures. It includes a brushed metal, several liquid metals, acid eaten chrome and a few "static noise" type metal textures.
Instructions: Just hit play, the actions make a document and then do their work.
Download: A Ton of Metal PS 5.0.*

Rusted Stuff
Designed by: Huck

Description: Rusted Stuff is a great set of actions that consists of seven different types of rust textures. These textures can also be great for creating further distortions and grunge effects to text, designs or backgrounds - just use your imagination.
Instructions: Just hit play. The actions take care of themselves. The document created is 400x400 pixels at 72 dpi.
Download: Rusted Stuff PS 5.0.*

Designed by: Oblique

Description: A nice table-top style wood texture. Unfortunatley, in this action you are required to use the Smudge Tool to create the rippled wood effects; they are not automatically generated.
Instructions: Just hit play. The Smudge Tool pops up automatically once the base of the pattern is created.
Download: Wood PS 5.0.*

*All Photoshop 5.0 actions work in Photoshop 6.0.+

Camo Patterns
Designed by: Huck

Description:Great ammo for any designer's arsenal, this impressive set of actions re-creates seven military style camoflage patterns - different every time you try one on. Comes as a complete set.
Instructions: Run on an RGB file with a transparent background. That's it.
Download: Camo Patterns PS 5.0.*

Contour Camo
Designed by: Huck

Description: A more sky-like set of camo patterns, this set of four actions was the predecessor to the Huck's Camo Patternsset, but in many ways, these are even cooler. Akin to the popular Tiger Stripe camo pattern.
Instructions: The action won't produce a well defined pattern on a canvas size less than 400x400 pixels. So you need a canvas size larger than that and a transparent background.
Download: Countour Camo PS 5.0.*