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Single function, time-saving shortcuts that you'll incorporate into your keyboard Function Keys.

Quick Action Keys
Get used to assigning Function Keys to your most used actions. We've pre-assiged Function Keys to some repetitive actions to demonstrate one of our preferred configurations in the action sets area, but you can easily reset them to any desired Function Key setup.

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksRasterize Text - F12
Never use the pull down menu again when you assign the F12 Key to the Render Text/Rasterize Text option. Right next to your mouse hand.

Download: Rasterize Type for PS 6.0.
Download: Render Type for PS 5.0, 5.5.

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksNew Layer, Name Layer - F10 & F11*
Quicky press F10 followed by F11 to make a new layer and name it without using the option click or pulldown menu. Right next to the return key.

Download: New,Name Layer for PS 5.0, 5.5, 6.0.

DOWNLOADING: Click and hold "Save Link As" or "Download Link to Disk", save the .ATN file to your actions folder and go to Load Actions from your Actions palette to use them.)

Make sure you do not have Function Keys assigned to any other programs or actions before loading Actlets.

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksCopy-New-Paste - F6*
Takes a copy of your selection and pastes it into a new file with one click. Use it for chopping down larger photoshop files into smaller gifs for web images and page designs. This action is for use on a flat Photoshop file.

Download: CNP Photoshop 5.0, 5.5, 6.0.

*Digitalthread Setup: Assign it to (F6) and save 3 keystrokes.

** Combine Copy-New-Paste with Index for one super fast 'cut-n-gif' action. Put this or any other quick actlets (like Scale or Crop) into the (F7) and (F8) slots or check out our new Production Set including these and several other shortcuts intended for your basic production needs.

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksCopyMerged-N-P-Index-Save - F9***
This action is very useful if you need to make individual gifs from any layered photoshop file and it saves lots of keystrokes. Whatever state your file is in, create a selection and press F5 to automatically make a gif of that selection without altering your larger Photoshop file. This action is for use on a layered Photoshop file.
***Assign it to a function key and save 5 strokes. 

Download: CopyMerged-Index-Save PS 5.0, 5.5, 6.0.