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Full-on Action Sets
Complete Photoshop action sets created to take advantage of your keyboard Function Keys.

Quick Action Keys
Get used to assigning Function Keys to your most used actions. We've pre-assiged Function Keys to some repetitive actions to demonstrate our preferred configurations in the action sets and actlets area, but you can easily reset them to any Function Key.

RetroScan 1.1 Downloadgraphic design booksDigitalthread Production Set
Load this into your actions palette and fill up your Function Keys* with our top production actions and other useful actions.

Production Set :

  • Transform, Scale (F1)
    Blank (F2)**
    Blank (F3)**
  • Crop (F4)
  • Index Color Mode (F5)
  • Copy-New-Paste (F6)
  • C-N-P-Index-Save (F7)
  • Duplicate-Index-Save (F8)
  • CopyMerged-N-P-Index-Save (F9)
  • Make Layer (F10)
  • Name Layer (F11)
  • Rasterize Type (F12)
Download: Production Set for PS6.0.
Download: Production Set for PS5.0, 5.5.***

(Click and Hold "Save As..." or "Download Link to Disk")

*Saves multiple keystrokes during web production.
**Tailor blank spaces to custom actions for your specific needs. Also see how to & faq.

***In versions 5.0 and 5.5, the Rasterize Type Action is different, so this set only works properly in PS 5.x.

DT Production Set Tips:
When producing GIFs from a layered file, use F9 often. (CopyMerged-N-P-Index-Save)

On making a new layer, quickly press F10 and then F11. This will make a new layer and allow you to name it without option clicking the layer field.

We placed the most frequently used actions near the Return Key for speed.

If you have a keyboard with more Function keys, (F13-F16), consider moving current actions in F9-F12 over and using F9-F12 for other customized production actions.