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For bizarre entries or firms that may have disappeared into the WWW triangle of M&As, the UFOS section provides raw links that may help us all see the light.

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design firmArtemis Creative (Atlanta, Georgia)
This is an incredibly beautiful Flash web site to view, and an excellent firm showcase, however we know that the site designer no longer works there, so we'd be surprised to see the content in the folio ever updated.

design firmBrand-A (CA)
Visit Brand-A, and you'll find yourself in the midsts. Where'd they go? Were they gobbled up by the tech market crash? Did they sell out? Nope! None of the above, but they did merge, and merge.... and they just wanna be like Prince -- Dept3, the design firm formerly know as Brand-A. See Dept3 in Best-of-breed.

design firmBrainSandwich (Atlanta, GA)
BrainSandwich considered themselves branding specialists regardless of the medium or industry (design, advertising, interactive, consulting, etc.). They have since been molded and folded into a larger firm: Iconologic.

design firmPhoenix-Pop Dead Dot Com (SF)
Phoenix still boasts a tightly constructed site and refreshing case-studies that pays homage to a driven San Francisco web design firm that is unfortunately no longer in business. Showcase site: iTheo, epylon.

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