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Devoted to the individual or agency that takes their specialty seriously. Focus is on the illustrator, print, sound, mobile, 3d, icon designers and others who do not fit neatly into the hybrid or indy areas.

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design firmIcon Factory Icons (USA)
Dedicated to the seemingly nonexistent art of designing awesome freeware icons for your Mac. They have a great web presence, produce icons for numerous software applications and sponsor online competitions.

design firmIlloboy (Hawaii)
Portfolio site of Jack Mortensbak, Japanese-style design and fonts, with strong, unique colorcombinations. He is mainly a vector illustrator and Flash animator who has solid experience creating, fun, exciting content and illustrations.

design firmJuggling Knives ()
Personal portfolio site of paintings and other artwork by D.H. Pendleton.

design firmMe Company 3-D, Print ()
Me Company is a leader in 2D and 3D character creation for print advertising and online sites. They created original works for Bjork and English and Japanese companies.

design firmModern Living Illustration
This unique illustrators' site has over 100 brilliant short animations. Each work presents an original idea and commentary on work & living in today's social self-consciousness. Almost 100 small interactive Flash pieces with bizarre themes form the self-named Neurotica Series. Usually done in a stark black and white retro style.

design firm Maccio, Tristana Illustration (NY)
Illustrations of Tristana Maccio.

design firmMartinFewell ()
Very impressive animated site - sparse with a few nice spatial elements.

design firmPilotVibe Audio (Detroit, MI)
Pilotvibe specializes in original music loops, ambiance loops and navsounds for interactive media. Hi-end, hi-fi audio for Websites, CD-ROM's, kiosk and games. Visit to hear samples.

design firmShanshan Cui: Paintings ()
Portfolio site of painter Shanshan Cui, layered, in the style of 2-d paintings.

design firmSixty40 (Sydney, Australia)
Corporate site for a firm specializing in illustration, sound design and motion design Also listed in the Hybrid section.

design firmSmashing Ideas Inc. Games and More (Seattle, WA)
Digital design agency with well known technology clients. Lots of content in a small area. Downloadable cartoon screen savers.

design firmStudio AKA Illustration (UK)
A London based animation and mixed media company representing a diverse collection of directors and designers, working at the cutting edge of moving image production: 2d, 3d illustration, and much much more.

design firmTrollback & Company (NYC)
Flash site with original navigation system.

design firmThorogood Illustration (London,UK)
An association of independent illustrators, artists and advertisers.

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