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Devoted to the individual or agency that takes their specialty seriously. Focus is on the illustrator, print, sound, mobile, 3d, icon designers and others who do not fit neatly into the hybrid or indy areas.

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design firmArthur Mount Illustration (Oakland, CA)
Subtle illustration-style design.

design firmArt Machine (Culver City, CA)
Not a web design firm. This is a print design company focusing on theatrical & DVD key art: mainly movie posters. Very well-produced site for a non-Web company.

design firmAural Stimuli Audio (NY, LA & Sydney)
Specializing in sound editing, composition and design for film, TV and Web sites. The Web site itself is pretty painful to view, but then again, it really shouldn't be great if they're doing their job right.

design firmBandits Studio ()
Urban, technical style with lots of gray panels, photography portfolio site.

design firmBBQBOX Illustration (Hong Kong)
Personal web site of Eric Chueng. Illustration.

design firmBrian Main Illustration (Austria)
Brian unveils a nice idea for his new web site released in late 2001 - a 'virtual' 3-D site. Not VRML, not computer or CAD 3-D graphics... the old school 3-D illusion in red and green that you can only see with 3-D glasses. Unique and fun.

design firmBug Editorial Inc. (NYC)
Very original illustrated and animated concept for this commercial design studio.

design firmCarbonated Jazz (USA)
Gritty, scratchy style in Flash, portfolio site of Alexander Chen. Even as gritty as it appears, Mr. Chens style is highly refined and appropriate to his musical and design crossovers. His latest project is now live: Boy in Static.

design firmCem Gul PhotoIllustration (Turkey)
Turkish photoillustrator Cem Gul has created an online gallery of his digital art. He uses a combination of 3D, photography, photoshop and more to create his beautiful illustrated works. Reminiscent of Dave McKean illustrations.

design firmCmartdarkroom Illustration (RU)
One of the most intriguing Russian web artists, whose Flash movies range from puzzling to extremely entertaining. The alien-driven interface is one of a kind. Great illustration and artworks.

design firmCrew Cuts (NYC, San Fran. & Santa Monica, CA)
Crew Cuts is an amusing movie editing & production haus located in California and NYC. The design is original - using all hand-drawn and cartoonish style - which really sets them apart from the competition and brings their strengths into focus. As far as web design is concerned, the 'Crew' uses great Flash driven interactive bits in ways you won't see anywhere else. Incredible attention to detail, lots of nooks and corners to explore, loud colors.

design firmDavid Ball Illustration Illustration (San Fran. CA)
Illustrations of David Ball.

design firmDigital Frequency Print (UK)
A print designer's portfolio site, featuring among other things print works done for the Attiks Noise book. Features mostly print work and almost no web besides the site itself - which is quite nice. Eventually, this link will probably make it to the Indy section.

design firmDnewby Media [Illustration] (NY)
A very kitschy portfolio of an illustrator & designer working in NYC. The site is overloaded with a cornucopia of different styles to craft its own unique and undisciplined appeal.

design firmDave McKean [PhotoIllustration] (US)
Unofficial Dave McKean site.

design firmEskedahl Print (Sweden)
Nice and simple portfolio site of Swedish graphic designer Monica Eskedahl. Just like her work, the flash site designed by 24hr is clean, minimal and elegant, which makes checking out the work an easy breeze-through.

design firmFig Leaf Software (Washington, DC & Atlanta, GA)
Elegant and exciting site for these Flash and Flash Generator programming and interaction specialists.

design firmFuri Furi 3-D Characters (JP)
Come play with the digitally hip 3-D characters at FuriFuri's design studio in Japan.

design firmGorchev, Joshua Illustration,Painting (CA)
Personal web site of Joshua Gorchev. Great tonal painting and illustration here. One of the few times we've ever noticed that not having sound perfectly compliments the viewing process.

design firmHecox, Evan ()
Small portfolio site showcasing illustration by Evan Hecox.

design firmHoogerbrugge Illustration (DE)
The art explorations continue on here - the location for all of Han's work from the well know Modern Living illustrations and animations to all the new stuff.

design firmHydrafuse Print (Chicago,IL)
A small design company founded by Gregg Bernstein as a vehicle for freelance endeavors. Unique logo with environmental touch. T-shirts are available through the web site. Simple pop ups for each link.

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