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Highlights of independent designers, illustrators, freelancers and firms of 3 or less people who maintain individual sites, are immersed in the field of web design and who produce a prolific amount of work.

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design firmJenett (DE)
Daniel Jennett is an independent designer contracted by Frogdesign in both Germany and San Francisco.

design firmJureta, Ivan (Belgium)
Freelance designer Ivan Jureta's self promotional site. Bright colors and attractive icon usage makes it easy to navigate. Flash site with simple explanation of himself and who he is. There is link to newer version of his site.

design firmJuvenile Media > Motomichi (NY, Ecuador)
One of the best animators around. Motomichi Nakamura has designed tasty nodules of movement for MTV, Charged & Check out these and other familiar projects at his site. Showcase site: Qrime

designfirmkilosite ()
Tim Parsons brings us "The 'Brand' Called Me". This personal portfolio showcases web, motion, identity, collateral, and packaging work. The vivid colors and interactivity (utilizing the floating palettes metaphor) make this site worth visiting. Showcase sites: Chickhair , Garage Inc.

design firmLa Torre Productions (NY)
Web design and development, sound production and post production company originally from Boston. Creative documental style portfolio layout.

design firmLim, Andy (Malaysia)
Technically beautiful to view, Andy's site has been a flash showcase standard for many years. Andy's personal works (once you finally get there) show a good understanding of type, colors, interface and especially Flash motion.

design firmLimmy (Ireland)
Someone online has spontaneous creativity. This humorous website from Ireland is actually a showcase of high-quality Flash work. Grab a Guinness, sit back and watch this sheit!

design firmHerman D Maldonado
A crisp portfolio showcasing print, web, identity and logo designs.

design firmMassarelli Design (Charlottesville, VA)
design studio of Peter Massarelli with simple, uncluttered navigation using DHTML.

design firmMonib Design (Melbourne, Australia)
Quite the clean site... almost frosty - you might say - but definitely not too "cool" for school. Monib reveals a strong communicator, and a site that lets the work and the clean layout do the talking. Beware designers..! This site is highly readable.

design firmJulien Moulin (France)
A high energy portfolio site of interactive active designer Julien Moulin. Colorful, peppy and engaging it make me want to be dancing in a hip Paris club, with the visuals from the site being projected on the walls.

design firmNeokom (NYC)
simple and intuitive navigation, dull color scheme.

design firmNomae (NY)
Interesting portfolio site that uses flash to showcase the nicely refined work of Scott Nazarian.

design firmNow Wash Your Hands (UK)
A flavorful indy & UK-centric design site by Tim Spear. NWYH features lovely simple screen saver downloads, serendipitous video clips, signage design, all fast and fresh. News blurbs keep the site fresh with UK design updates. Nice content.

design firmOnyro | Anthony Kyriazis ()
Inspirational graphical experimentation of Ant. Digital works and Flash interface with Softimage influence, beveled buttons.

design firmOpaldust ()
Novel navigation system: opalWeb consists of a large area, which you are free to explore, and this area will be referred to as the "desktop". The entire desktop is not visible at all times, so to explore it you have to employ the navigation palette. Ah hah. Explore the graphical intense chaos of opaldust.

Osika Design Direction (Australia)
Formerly Arnaek and LIFT, this is latest (and hopefully last) site from a freelance designer offering services in graphic, web and industrial product design.

design firmPaul Edward Fleming (Canada)
Independent designer, specializing web and print media. Flash site with ruler browser and some timeline information. Features one of only a few truly creative intros we've seen for Indy sites. Showcase sites: Creative House.

design firmPlacere (Montreal, CA)
A playfully refined Flash portfolio of symbols and sounds, brushed with delicate scratches over a pure white background. Mostly filled with print, but demonstrates a promise of more varied skills. In French only.

design firmPlaneta 0 (San Francisco, CA)
Self-promotional site of Cristina Guembe, irreverently bold and fun.

design firmPLUS (SF)
The PLUS web site is a comprehesive portfolio of an accomplished designer and interface artist. Recently updated to 'PLUS #4'.

design firmPortfölj (SF)
Portfölj contains the Dynamic (DHTML) portfolio of Johan Thorngren who works at Icon Medialab in San Francisco. His site reveals a layered interface approach to dynamic navigation.

design firmMagnus Rakeng (NO)
A great graphic designer based in Norway. His fonts (Pilot, Envy, Radio) are out of this world. All hail.

design firmRespiration (NY)
A prolific designer with a great compositional sense. Jeff Prybolsky has created a number of highly detailed, texturaland ultimately beautiful sites.

design firmDavid Skokna (USA)
David incorporates a variety of styles merging bold color tones and distressed graphics into a clean overall feel. This personal site is simple, yet retains irreverence.

design firmspent2000 (NYC)
gritty, video-oriented site.

design firmThree.oh (SE)
Three.oh is a wonderful interface design and personal site offering links and design inspirations for visitors. James Widegren is a young up-encoming Swedish netdesigner. Explore and enjoy.

design firmTokyoAce4 (Tokyo)
TokyoAce4 is the private site of Hisayoshi Tohsaki, a top-notch designer and talented creative programmer whose forte is exploring concepts of navigation through the interaction and communication between users. He conducts these "one-to-one interface design" experiments using an artful combination of languages such as Java, DHTML, and Lingo. Showcase sites: lab 001, rewob.

design firmvolumeone (NY)
A vividly engaging visual communications company and experimental Flash showcase from Matt Owens. This is the experimental arm of a small company: One9ine .

design firmXtra Pop (Previously Surf Design, Luxembourg)
A nice folio site for Thomas Brodahl, Xtra creates functional art and design. The site includes rotating photographs and a very tight design. Showcase project: Surf Station.

design firmXururu (Vancouver, CA)
In exploring the potential of Photoshop, Andie Matarazzo's 'Dissecting 2001' calendar project is a collection of truly beautiful collages that illustrate the gift of Photoshop layers and communicates the construction of the collages in an interactive way. A gifted designer & artist hailing from Brazil.

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