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Highlights of independent designers, illustrators, freelancers and firms of 3 or less people who maintain individual sites, are immersed in the field of web design and who produce a prolific amount of work.

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design firm504 Destruct ()
A great personal folio of colorful, clean and forceful work - shows a good understanding of the Web and print mediums. Recent projects and single pieces are listed in the "nocontent" section of the site.

design firmABC (IT)
Nicola is a fresh Flash designer and internet stylist who works independently and cooperatively on a variety of non-commercial projects. New URL and Summer 2001 site shows a new personal side to this highly detailed and fanatic abnormal child.

A magnificently minimalist Flash folio and personal site of Timothy Ferguson Saude of Tank Design. Great logo and icon work to check out - like little tasty treats. Showcase site: Tank Design.

design firmAutomat (Vienna, Austria)
Automat morphs inbetween all forms of media productions, transforming ideas to cross-over experiments. Automat intends to initiate processes of interaction, generating a public base of expression. Smooth motion design, very angular.

A slick interface for a tight solo firm that specializes soley in interactive design and motion graphics The site puts full emphasis on its diverse portfolio and displays it with pure style. Showcase sites: Apple in-store demos, Cobalt.

design firmBroken (Czech Repub.)
A fantastic visual treat, this personal site of Tomas Celizna is ultimately crisp & simply wonderful. His style, in this latest version 004, is refined to a pinnacle of perfection - the use of personal photography and photo-imaging montage is sublime.

design firmCarlos Riveroll Design (Orange Cnty., CA)
The site features panels of vibrant color, very simple and elegant. All in Spanish.

design firmChaotic Creative Design (UK)
Chaotic is the personal web presence of Otto Greenslade, a multimedia creator living in London and currently with Kioken. His online portfolio features interactive Flash experiments that examine the interplay of unique interface conventions, textures and color proving that 'simplicity plus complexity equals beauty. Showcase project: SHIFT Cover [02/00].

design firmChapter Three (Sweden)
Great looking site of Jens Karlsson with a very tasty presentation. Beautifully presented graphic works in logo design, print and especially web and multimedia. Hailing from Sweden and graduate of HyperIsland Media School. Check out the future-imperfect, sometimes 'dark' design, with a vast and varied portfolio.

design firmChevrel, Sebastien (Portland, OR)
Portfolio site with fascinating experiments in Flash, photography and DHTML.

design firmClaudius Design (DE)
A small German design agency. Includes logos and web work.

design firm Baker, Clint (Wash., DC)
Clint is an illustrator and web designer for interactive new media and advertising. Logos, web sites and great baking products.

design firmCmartdarkroom (RU)
One of the most intriguing Russian web artists, whose Flash movies range from puzzling to extremely entertaining. The alien-driven interface is one of a kind.

Design Project (Russia)
The portfolio of Serge Danyshevsky. A wide range of projects from music to design, art and photography are presented in an interesting mix of photomontage and graphic design styles. This site is a very personalized quality to it, seldom seen on the web. Refreshing.

Ed Roth and Patrick Bradley bring their collective experience with NBC, Fox and CNN together to form a creative collaboration as designTechnicians. With a focus on motion for the web and broadband advertising, they help bring the visual richness of broadcast design to the Web. Projects: Ed Roth, Patrick Bradley.

design firmDiesel Print (FI)
A wonderfully clean porfolio and contact ground to discover a wealth of print and web work created by this talented designer.
design firmDonotdestroy (CA)
New simple site with a twist for a freelance designer.

Droppod (CA)
Formerly titled Cybergraphics, this is the latest indy portfolio of Mat Mejia. His work features a host of web designs that provide a solid branding platform and a fine-tuned commercial experiencience.

design firmFactory512 (RU)
Definitely the most aggressive Russian web artists. Factory512 is a portal into the world of abstract graphic design. New creations of various web artists are on display every week for your enjoyment.

design firmGmunk Studio (Seattle)
More than just a draggable hat. Cutting edge technical print/Flash/web design. Lots of artistic potential. Nice personal illustrations and reflections on design.

design firmHoang, Pete (B.C., Can.)
Great 'folio site for this Canadian wiz kid designer. His refined design style is truly simple, clean, professional, and ultimately very beautiful. Showcase site: Mod 7 Communications.

design firmHungry For Design (NYC)
Experimental, flat sense and mechanical form. Great personal impressionist-tech style. The flat works are very interesting, and combines well with other individuals to make some very unique Flash experiments; all sounds by Matt Anderson from Konstruktiv.

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