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These hybrid firms successfully emerge from varied backgrounds such as CD-Rom, print and advertising design to adopt the new medium of the web and prove their versatility. Some of the sites in this section are the best designed on the web (and you won't find them in best-of-breed or the webgallery).

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design firmHello, Logan (Los Angeles, CA)
Design and commercial production company, very young and fresh. Recently, Logan has completed full show packages for MTV and commercial campaigns for Ogilvy & Mather (NY).

design firmI-D Media (Berlin,DE)
A new media company from Germany, with many services. Simple communicative website, red "ID" cube that keeps turning creating their square concept.

design firmIconologic (Atlanta,GA)
Interactive media and design consultancy company featuring many well known clients. Strong use of design concepts and navigation. Has a unique navigation bar and music at the background which is combined with powerful use of Flash.

design firmIDEO (Worldwide)
Corporate site of global design company, very elaborate, filled with content and case study information.

design firmInterbrand (Worldwide)
Corporate site of global company specializing in branding and print design Showcase site:

design firmLandor (worldwide)
Corporate site of the renown branding company.

design firmLunchbox Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Eye-catching color scheme, very effective image viewer in gallery section. Lunchbox is a solo hybrid masterpiece of design with strengths in typography, film and much more.

design firmMaeda Studio (Cambridge, MA)
A collection of work by MIT Media Lab associate director John Maeda.

design firmCox (NO)
Millimeter press is the clean and classical design shop of Norway... where else?

design firmMove Design (SF)
From the people who brought you Fork, Move is a new visual communication firm specializing in print, motion graphics and interactive media. Showcase site: Taylor & Chu.

design firmNavy Blue (UK)
A proactive, strategic consultancy that combines creativity and pragmatism in equal measure. Their portfolio features corporate and brand identity, annual report and literature, packaging and display. Website and interior design are new additions. Great Flash intro.

design firmPlanet Propaganda (WI)
A communication company that had a grammy award from a CD label. Full screen non-optional Flash site with interesting thing to download. Matrix of clients.

design firmPlinko (San Fran.,CA)
A design agency from San Francisco, they have an upcoming movie that tells the story of their company. References to the 60's style packaging and designs.

design firmPost Panic (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
The site of visual media post production company.

design firmReactive Media (Australia)
Reactive Media is a Melbourne based Web and graphic design company, with a wide-ranging folio ranging from banks to night-clubs.

design firmRucker Design Group
Rucker is a multi-disciplinary design house with a very high degree of professionalism. They've designed identities and interfaces for @Home, Hotmail and WebTV. Quite an outstanding Flash portfolio of varied works.

design firmSapient (USA)
The company that emerged from the roots of Sapient, StudioArchetype, and Adjacency is a different beast at our last check. This large corporate giant in the world of designhauses now focuses on consulting and cross-channel integration solutions.

design firmSelbert Perkins Design (Arlington, MA & Santa Monica, CA)
Cutting-edge design combined with a cultured aesthetic, strong motion design. SPD specializes in environments and they developed the site Flash to help define the sense of a virtual environment.

design firmSeven Worldwide (UK, US & Australia)
Seven Worldwide is an international graphic imaging business, mainly producing advertising, promotional and packaging artwork, and interactive multimedia. A clean cut for the hybrid area. Showcase sites: Mitsubishi UK, Lambie Nairn.

design firmSixty40 (Sydney, Australia)
Corporate site for a firm specializing in illustration, sound design and motion design. Also listed in the specialty shoppes area.

design firmTractor Studios (San Fran. CA)
Broadcast, print, interactive, branding and identity design company. Flash site with interaction that is kept simple and communicative.

design firmTwenty2Product
Twenty2product is a small independent multimedia studio providing excellent designs for film, video and interactive productions. Showcase site: Phoenix-Pop Productions.

design firmTwo Thousand Strong (Venice, CA)
Website of video media studio, simple layout.

design firmWieden + Kennedy (NY-London-Amsterdam-Tokyo-Portland)
One of the largest advertising agencies with offices in North America and Europe. Very simple navigation, Quicktime videos are available of people working there with personal comments.

design firmWhite Horse (Oregon, US)
White Horse is an intergrated media solutions company that focuses on creative solutions in a number of media, from web to audio and video.

design firmYoung & Rubicam (Global)
In late 1998 Y&R Inc. launches The Media Edge to provide global, integrated, full-service media management for their current and future clients.

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