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These hybrid firms successfully emerge from varied backgrounds such as CD-Rom, print and advertising design to adopt the new medium of the web and prove their versatility. Some of the sites in this section are the best designed on the web (and you won't find them in Best of Breed or the Webgallery).

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design firmAcne (Sweden)
Acne is now a family! These guys are an eccentric hybrid studio producing a mesh of interesting works, from music videos to a line of denim and futuristic desktop entertainment systems. Fun and minimal. Showcase site: Netbabyworld.

design firmA.D.2 (Santa Monica, CA)
AD2 creates animated & motion 3-D, interface, web, print and more. As a large outfit, they are more geared towards marketing.

design firmAddison (UK)
Addison is one of the UK's leading creative consultancies specializing in stakeholder communication. Their Flash-driven 'micro-site' design is an efficient and effective advertisement for their new identity.

design firmAntenna Design (NY)
Antenna is the product of two accomplished designers from Japan whose works span from 'pixel to train'. Their flash home site is great; original and playful.

design firmBauda (NY)
Bauda is a bright design shop with a tight site and a number of interesting and professionally designed projects. Most of their work is in print.

design firmBeehive (NYC)
Provides design and identity packaging for the entertainment industry. Services include broadcast design, show opens, branding, spots, programming, promos and Web design. Works with such clients as ESPN, CBS, Showtime, ABC, HBO and USA. QuickTime movie samples are available to preview. Very impressive site with original motion graphics.

design firmBlind
The conceptual strength and design of this site is excellent. The insect navigation is thoughtful and clean and enhances the enjoyment of surfing their portfolio.

design firmClusta Design Consultancy (UK)
Clusta are self-styled "designers of fortune", refugees from the old school who have a mission to leave their mark on the world of audio/visual new media. Their web site is an impressive all-Flash AV extravaganza with candy galore. Showcase sites: Z3 Graphic Designs.

design firmDentsu (JP)
A advertising agency not only dealing with the design but also the marketing side. Has a very minimalist design with interesting background photos. Mainly Japanese clients and statistics of some client work are available.

design firmDigitalwonder (Los Angeles, CA)
Digitalwonder is a hybrid medi(um) - a studio focusing on assembling creative "information designs" for its clients world wide. Nice, clean corporate site.

design firmDreamless
Dreamless is an interesting studio combining their flair for design with multimedia and interactive projects. Some print and some web.

design firmDuffy (Minneapolis, NY)
Design agency building brands. Slide show that has a preview of the slides in grid and an abstract slide machine. Duffy became incorporated into Fallon McElligott Advertising in Minneapolis to create interactive media for their clients.

design firmEnterprise IG (Worldwide)
Corporate site, sparse and minimalist.

design firmFactor Design (Hamburg, DE & San Fran.)
Factor's design strategy focuses primarily on corporate identity and interactive product development. Traditional but effective corporate site.

design firmFahrenheit Studio (Los Angeles)
Fahrenheit Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm that produces logo, broadband, print & (especially) interiors. It's great to see a firm that will design your Identity, Website and the office you work in all at the same time. Showcase site: 48Windows.

design firmFineDesign (San Fran., CA)
A design group with a very simple and clean portfolio containing beautiful print and packaging work. Great work doesn't need an elaborate container

design firmFitch (San Fran., CA)
An international consulting agency that develops brands and products for a wide range of clients. Located in the US and London, some of their clients include Hushpuppies and Iomega (they designed the Zip Drive).

design firmFluid (UK)
Fluid is designed for the entertainment industry, image manipulation, photography, corporate identity and more. Nice fonts and design.

design firmFrog Design (Global)
Primarily an Industrial Design firm, this renown agency has been around since 1969. Among many other, they designed the Apple IIc (one of my favorites). Showcase site: Prophet Communications.

design firmFutureBrand (Worldwide)
Minimalist design. Famous branding specialists.

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