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Worldwide web design- from Japan to Yugoslavia, Australia to Ireland. Get a taste of the exceptional brand of talent blooming outside of the United States. What qualifies them? A Global site is the same as Flavorous firm, but located outside of the USA.

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design firmKinotrope (Japan)
A fine company featuring web work for 'big-name' clients. No English version. Showcase sites: BMW, Vaio

design firmKleber (England)
Their simple front page presents a caliber of work that speaks for itself. They tackle a variety of music related web projects, and they are definately one to watch.

design firmLabyrinth (Dublin)
An Irish based web development company with a strong base of web designers and programmers. Showcase site:

design firmLemon (HK, China)
This light-hearted site demonstrates how Lemon builds designs around a variety of web technologies. It's an interesting look at interface diversions and a strong branding of identity.

design firmDesign Machbar (Germany)
This single page wonder has one of the most conceptually sound and innovative homepages for any site. Machbar focuses on a range of digital and industrial design for their clients.

design firmmediumrare (London)
Showcasing their talents in front-end, back-end, and broadband with a simply, yet intriguing one page site. Showcase site: Equador Consulting

design firmMezich Design (RU)
Nice minimal, tonal and tiny designs from this Russian company. They also do some print and identity and some of their sites have nice icons.

design firmnew damage (Ukraine)
A nice company featuring good site design and some experimental web page designs.

design firmNRG Design (Belgium)
NRG does great graphic, multimedia and internet work. Their site uses all Flash technology which makes it a little slow. Showcase site: Byte Records

design firmootworld (Italy)
An group of Flash visionaries hailing from Italy. Lead by Mirco Pasqualini's dynamic Flash showcase and the rich simplicity of his motion graphics.

design firmParafuso (Brazil)
A boutique from Brazil does everything that a designer's hand can touch - from identity and print to interior and civil design. The portfolio shows the firm has taken the first promising steps towards becoming a small powerhouse of its own. Showcase site: Bandits Studio.

design firmRenvall (Sweden)
This extremely original homepage is a real one page wonder. A Swedish design firm demonstrates an innovative method to web design. New Site in 2000.

design firmSatama (Finland)
Once named Interweb, Satama creates new business opportunities and improves communication for its customers by developing innovative new media solutions. Consulting, training, concept design, production, and business intelligence.

design firmSpike Networks (Australia)
"Pan-Asian provider of e-business and digital solutions". Very basic site design with some interesting things going on behind the scenes. Showcase site: Spike Radio.

design firmSpill (FR & UK)
Spill works like a fine-tuned consultant company bringing its internet expertise to a wide range of projects based in France, England and Europe. Check out their portfolio for a sample.

design firmThos (South Africa)
Thos, the House of Synergy, is a funky firm located in Johannesburg, SA. They keep their technology and design at high levels. Showcase site: Ford

design firmtwelveten (UK)
Dynamic graphics for a wide range of media - subtley brilliant interface generation encapsulates this successfuly minimalist design venture. Clever use of 3d iconography in the portfolio presentation.

design firmUkubona (South Africa)
The name Ukunbona (meaning vision or to see / perceive) is a perfect name for this aesthetically pleasing design company.

design firmUnion (Norway)
Union produces sites for various ISPs in their country and more. Nice site design.

design firmWebfactory (Ireland)
At last check, this very original and conceptually strong firm based in Ireland changed up their design. Showcase site: Vodafone.

design firmwerkedd (Austria)
Great site design. werkeddesign produces a range of oustanding media from print to clothes.


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