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Worldwide web design- from Japan to Yugoslavia, Australia to Ireland. Get a taste of the exceptional brand of talent blooming outside of the United States. What qualifies them? A Global site is the same as a Flavorous firm located outside of the USA.

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design firm24hr (Sweden)
Flat flat flat. The ultra simple, clean, black and white site creates a utilitarian look for this Swedish design house. Its work for the music industry is impressive. For a web saturated with colors, grays and oranges, this black and white site is a nice alternative. Nice use of Flash for a lot of the projects.

design firm7t7 (Germany)
We like the game that this site starts off with, followed by some interesting 3d navigation elements. Even if we couldn't read the German, we really liked the sexy interactive feel the site provided. Their project site appears to be a promising flash race game engine demo. Project site: Funfu.

design firmAcro Media Inc (B.C, Can.)
A Canadian design firm with a nice site that uses Flash in a technically impressive manner. Their client work is clean and neat. Their focus is on good design and good client relations.

design firmAbargon (Mexico)
Abargon es proveer al mercado Latinoamericano soluciones integrales de Consultoria en Comunicacion. A nice site. Good multimedia and web projects.

design firmAkqa (UK, USA)
Akqa - a nice looking firm with the potential to move up to Best of Breed. They have a global presence, and in spite of their buyout of Magnet, shall be featured in the Global area because their strength is in the UK. Showcase site: Run London.

design firmAmaze (UK)
Quite clean and presentable for this UK firm who have some design talents producing clean online stuff. At last check, this firm is now focusing on e-learning and content management systems.

design firmAPL Digital (Global)
APL Digital is the interactive subsidiary of one the 10 largest advertising agencies in the world. Most of their current web work is in Australia and Asia. Nice site. Showcase site: Iridium

design firmBasilisk (UK)
Basilisk has been answering the demand for Flash microsites, in which they use their own illustration, animation, sound and photography skills. They also specialize in Actionscript and Director Lingo for educational and game sites. The site features high attention to detail (including the preloaders), high-tech look, great sound design, advanced Flash animations.

design firmClementina Group (Tel Aviv, Israel & San Francisco, CA)
Very smooth site design with strongly professional color combinations. Core Competencies: Strategic Marketing, Design, Technology. Showcase site: Think3.

design firmCRASH!MEDIA (Toronto, CAN)
CRASH!MEDIA demonstrates the full spectrum of interactive design in this high impact flash site. While CRASH! may appear to be more of a Hybrid firm, they actually tackle all sides of the Internet spetrum rather than a host of different disciplines. Showcase site: Stonehenge Filmworks

design firmCrush (London, UK)
London firm whose portfolio is primarily composed of communications and fashion agencies such as Atlantic Records and Orion Publishing Group.

design firmDesignUK (UK)
DesignUK crafts creative interface solutions - from Web to ROM, but mainly interactive and e-commerce based designs.

design firmDoubleyou (Spain)
A clean site showcasing crisp technological & interface skills. Use DHTML & JavaScripts to create interactive navigations.

design firmEdwards-Churcher (UK)
Super clean and sophisticated design company. Focusing on image identity & information. A great shockwave interface makes surfing a pleasure.

design firmEHSRealtime (UK)
A plain, clean yet powerful site that introduces one to a plethora of information about Real Studio's great web and print work. Showcase site: The Diesel UK Store., The Diesel Style Lab

design firmExtend (Canada)
Extend's new focus is on iTV production and interactive programming. Showcase site: CTVSportsnet

design firmElectric Ocean (S. Africa)
The originality and flair of graphic elements demonstrates the growing capabilities of this one time web boutique. Showcase site: Cape Fruit

design firmFluffco (Toronto, CAN)
A design agency which dabbles in print and broadcast but mainly focuses on the interactive. Showcase site: you grow girl, Fluffco Experiments

design firmGood Technology (UK)
Good Technology are great Flash and design technologists in the UK. Showcase site: Kylie Ultra, Audi UK, New Beetle UK

design firmGraf d'Sign (Moscow)
Finally, a creative boutique that promotes the splendors of the Zepplin lifestyle - grace, technical wonderment and sheer, windblown beauty. Rich, animated illustrations of a bygone airbrush era project an aura of technical knowhow and limitless imagination. Showcase site: designproject.

design firmHeliozilla (Canada)
Heliozilla is formed from a small boutique perspective, and their work is a self-styled and original 'trainwreck of art and commerce'. Their site demonstrates an unmatched design and branding vision that also pushes Flash to a new level. Showcase site: Len.

design firmIMGSRC (Japan)
This interactive firm is involved in the industry and commited to creating new and innovative ways to improve this medium. The site is really intuitive and quite beautiful.

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