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There are the Fresh Faces from the last big update. This category is unique because these sites are now on the move to other sections to make room for new Fresh Faces. See the [notes] to find these sites in the future.

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design firm6picas > Firmnotnamedyet (JP)
Self promotion site of Hitoshi Okazaki, also with a new name, who is a visual communication designer. Showcase of some works. Minimalist approach in design with little detailed touches.

design firmCoudal Partners Inc. [Moves to>Flavor] (Chicago,Illinois)
Is a design agency , showcasing the agency's talents and abilities and to test new technologies and tools in Magazine format. They have mouse over effects that are interesting and fun to click. Many information about design and cultural issues.

design firmCrispy Design [Moves to>?] ()
Popcorn influenced digital content.

design firmInk & Co [Moves to>Flavor or Best] (NY)
Turning colorful 3d cubes. Showcase sites: Black Book, Stockland Martel Films.

design firmKode Digital Ltd [Moves to>Global] (UK)
Development and enhancement of CD-ROMs and websites. Kode has a nice use of Flash in a navigation tool for browsing their site. Changing the locations of spheres gets you to links in their portfolio.

design firmMighty Assembly [Moves to>Flavor or Best] (San Fran. CA)
Digital design and interactive service company focusing on the internet and web. Unique animations, and graphics with simple designs and attractive colors. Solving digital content and media problems.

design firmMonodev [Moves to>Indy] (UK)
Promotional site of freelance design Thomas Bohm. Has showcase of print and web works. Abstraction of a portfolio layout, which lets you browse the web site. There is also a mailing list with weekly updates.

design firmMonsoon [Moves to>Flavor] (Philly, PA)
Monsoon is the brand that builds brands in the digital design and advertising. They have unique Flash animation where you could see around the building, with a satellite flying in the air. Has many well known clients. Nice range of logos.

design firmSuperfun [Moves to>Indy] (Berlin, DE)
Freelance studio that mainly deals with animation work for TV and web and even game development, but you can hire them for all cases regarding "fancifulness" too.

design firmThiago Demello Bueno (NY)
Self promotion site of Thiago Demello Bueno. Client list and email contact is available for contact. Also a downloadable PDF format resume of him is available. Interesting use of air old aircraft images combine with his self identity.

design firmTroopworld (Italy)
Home to the webdesign work of an young italian artist, Simone Biffi, who collaborates mostly with other Italian web agencies. This site had been created to show a different approach to interactivity and audio. Fun to browse, sci-fi feeling. Non conventional. Check out his experimental editorials on Troopdesign.

design firmUK Label [Moves to>Indy or Special] (UK)
Is Lewis's very fun personal project that includes Flash toys and scripts. Each box you find you get to find out new scripts for Flash and download them in PC/Mac format. Simple colors and abstract use of objects.

design firmV1 Consulting [Moves to>Flavor] (San Fran., CA)
Digital design, brand marketing and e-business consultancy agency. Very simple page layout with masculine and feminine interface choices. Recent works are available... Showcase sites: Dwell Magazine, Basho

design firmZiggen [Moves to>Indy] (Norway)
Matrix of boxes which some are empty and the others with small cropped images that have links to their works and other sites.

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