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More great Internet agencies, bureaus, boutiques and studios working online. Quick links and reviews permit a taste of their flavor, position and strengths in the market.

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design firmRare Earth Interactive
A company focusing on bring full Flash integration of sound and motion into web production to create completely immersive environments. Kind of self-promotional, but the potential and the vision to create killer sites exists. Showcase site: Zippo.

design firmRed 5 Interactive (Des Moines, IA)
Red 5 Interactive provides programming, multimedia and web-based design, multimedia and web-based production and web marketing. Showcase site: Sayles Design

design firmRed October (Seattle)
An incredibly well thought-out site which skillfully combines illustrations and type to create an interface that has a print-like feel to it. Marquee site: Microsoft Mac Community.

design firmSakebomb (LA)
A cocky and intriguing LA based design firm that makes their own rules. Notable sites: Being John Malkovich, Girl Skateboards

design firmSaltmine Creative (Seattle & London)
An e-commerce, software development, and strategic consulting firm. Showcase site: Muzak.

design firmSpeared Peanut Design
The work found within reveals strong photo-illustration capabilities, demonstrating a wealth of powerful graphic identities for their Internet based clients. The new site is nice.

design firmSpinach and Salami (Santa Cruz, CA)
Bright and peppy site. Spinach aims to produce web sites that are not only interactive and aesthetically attractive, but that are also accessible on slow speed connections. Showcase sites: White Light Studio.

design firmSquare One Design (MI)
They figured out of a domain name and found out that it was taken, now they claim they're in the same place where they started "Square One". Focusing on digital media. Fun to use Flash navigation "toy", that keeps turning. And definitely not boring.

design firmtexture/media (Boulder, CO)
An interactive agency with dynamic page design and layout: site itself attempts to make a complex navigation simple and the preload educates the user on how to use the site while the history bar uses "pictographic breadcrumbs" to let the user know where they've been. Has a technolgy emphasis with a traditional visual touch that imbues a certain texture in the design.

design firmThunk Design
Based in San Francisco, Thunk builds a variety of 'alternate' media experiences - snowboards, Tees and CDs top the list. Their site comes in Flash or regular format. Showcase site: C|net's Builder.

design firmTonic Group (New York)
Formerly know as 47Jane, this boutique produces a fine caliber of work. Design is a strong focus. Look for a the new experimental design area.

design firmVir2l (Maryland, USA)
A great studio that produces bold interactive design and software. From the web to motion graphics, their work has the quality and flavor of high-end TV productions. Cruising through Vir2l's earlier site was an adventure in slick navigation and blazing backgrounds. Recent changes in the company have caused a downgrade to Flavor.

design firmWood Pile Studios (Virginia, US)
A sophisticated and classy design studio. The site features nice type, navigation and a great list of corporate logos. The design is good.

design firmZoe-Com (NY)
A premier design house for 3-D interactivity and virtual environments. Check the VRML portfolio and projects like Virtual Alta Vista.

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