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More great internet agencies, bureaus, boutiques and studios working online. Quick links and reviews permit a taste of their flavor, position and strengths in the market.

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design firm415 Inc. (San Fran., Denmark, Seattle WA)
415 Productions concentrates on high-end design web work that applies a range of animation applications. Developed some dynamic sites for Macromedia. Showcase site: San Francisco Ballet.

design (USA) and Eagle River Interactive merged in 98 to create a leading global communications and business firm. The site is nicer and they keep the name and logo.

design firmAkimbo Design (CA)
This San Fransciso based design firm focuses on the niche of front-end design. Through detailed integration they build immersive environments for web users in many of their sites such as the Movie Maker for the Digital Film Festival. Showcase site: The North Face.

design firmAnonymous Productions (Landsdale,PA)
Design, communication and marketing company focusing on interactive and web design. Strong use of colors and has a rather innovative look with page layout. Looks more like a html web site rather than Flash and loads pretty quick.

design firmb-swing (Minneapolis, MN)
Clean, antiseptic design. B-swing "brings people and imagination together" on a number of corporate web projects.

design firmBabygrand
A ripe take on navigation in this conceptually strong designhaus makes this a strong choice of flavor.

design firmBCgraphics (Seattle)
Everyone loves big trucks! A deicing studio built on concept driven design and keen application. A large and inspiring showcase of print work in the portfolio section, a must see for those that work at 300 dpi. Great balance of color movement style and icon-dumptrucks, what's not to like?

design firmBeyondigital (Dallas, TX)
Interactive design agency , using Flash, digital film and music. Interface with their philosophy and thought. Unique icons for departments at the site. Metallic and futuristic interface.

design firmBlast Radius (Canada/NY/LA)
A cutting edge e-commerce and new media solutions firm that has a keen eye for design and detail - two of our most favored qualities. Showcase sites: Scifi, Lance Armstrong.

design firmburning small fires (LA, California)
A darkly breezy portfolio piece showcasing several popular movie sites. There is a kind of monochromatism which pervades the design work throughout, a bleak but somehow appropriate compliment to the historical content of the studio film sites.

design firmCarbonhouse (Charlotte,NC)
A webcentric brand consultancy that integrates identity design, interactive media and traditional marketing. Has a Flash and non- Flash site named as Carbonated and non-carbonated. Simple use of design and functional. Many clients from different fields.

design firmNovell: Cambridge Technology Partners
CTP offers a full range of management consulting and systems integration services. The design side is rapidly developing. Showcase site: Lucent Technologies

design firmCarve (Burlingame, CA)
A design firm that made the transition from corporate print work to interactive in the early 90's. Their site has some interesting flash. Showcase site: Sendomatic.

design firmCrackdesign (California)
Crackdesign produces clean, minimalist sites with ultra minimalist interface design. Nice stuff. Showcase site: Thing ISP

design firmCreative Edge (Malibu)
Styles change, trends come and go and no projects two projects are alike. Creative edge understands this and intead of fighting it they stand at it's edge, innovating. And this site flows from beginning to end, providing an engaging intro and a smooth blend of subdued colors, scripting and innovative navigation.

design firmDesignory
Daring and honest design combined with tantalizing copy makes this site a showcase of Designory's philosophy. One marquee project is The Mercedes Benz CD-ROM.

design firmDiet Strychnine (US)
DS9 is an alliance of freelance consultants. This sterile site represents an amalgamation of a design consultancy and a music label : top independent designers and audio experimentalists who are devolping and pioneering ways of releasing audio onto the internet.

design firmDigital Pulp (New York)
The Digital Pulp media philosophy tackles web, print, and branding in a type of turn-key sweep. Check an impressive portfolio and improved site design. Showcase site: DoubleClick, Onsale

design firmDigitaria (San Diego & LA)
Showcase site: Airwalk.

design firmDotology (Chicago, IL)
Web design agency with a scientific name, perhaps saying it has a rational thinking about designing websites. Wide range of clients. Makes good use of photography which makes it look like traditional print work, but also makes it look impressive.

design firmeighteenoz (Wash. DC)
eighteenoz is a multidisciplinary design and development firm located in the Washington, DC metro area that specializes in merging creativity with technology.

design firmenviro|media (Ohio, USA)
enviro|media is a full-service firm headquartered in Cincinnati. They specialize in development,online advertising and original content publishing. Showcase site: Private Art.

design firme-media-c (Virginia, US)
e-media-c designs interactive solutions tailored to the marketplace. Their site and portfolio design is nice. Updated with special projects, partnered with Grafik Comm. Showcase sites: must-c: Internet Design Awards.

design firmEvolve Media (Brea, CA)
Organic look, interesting icons. Evolve Media is a cross-media design and development company delivering a professional web presence to clients, as well as identities, print, new media strategies, broadband solutions and web-deployable applications.

design firmFastspot (Baltimore, MD)
At last check, this firm updated their site and brand a bit, appropriately losing the "fetch, Fido, fetch" dog metaphor. Showcase site: The Sak.

design firmFitch Interactive (Boston, London, San Fran.)
The interactive department of Fitch Worldwide branding and design consultancy services. Simple easy browsing with informative links. Little Flash dynamism, affective bg/foreground colors.

design firmForcequit (San Francisco, CA)
Urban, young. FQ doesn't feature a 'standard' site; rather, an area of exploration. They make extensive use of Flash; you'll be happier with a fast connection.

design firmFourm (Wisconsin)
This Wisconsin firm with a portfolio of over a dozen clients creates powerful identity and print design. Clean user interface design is an important feature for most of their web projects.

design firmFull Burner, LLC (Baltimore,MD)
Application and design service company. As their name their web site ha many images relating to aircraft parts and detailed images. Interesting to browse the site in that sense. Based in Baltimore with technology clients. Take off to full burner... Showcase sites: Mad Hive.

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