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the hot list (m-z)
the best web shops, internet bureaus, boutiques and studios working online. The descriptions provide a glimpse of their strengths in the market while project links direct you to their marquee design work.

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design firmMadXS (CA)
MadXS's work proves highly versatile and timely. MadXS's 4.0 site pushes boundries with the latest technological features.

design firmMedia Revolution
Top-notch design work for well-known clients. Shockwave-based site. Showcase site: The Thin Red Line.

design firmMeta Design (Global)
One of the best. From Germany to San Francisco and in between, Meta's work and design prowess is renown. Their contributions to this generation of design include the Meta and Officina fonts, innumerable branding works and a host of great web designs. Showcase site: Ideo Industrial Design, Audi-TT.

design firmMethod (San Fran.)
One of our favorites of all time, Method is an information strategy firm, continuously proving itself in multiple fields: branding, web, print, interaction, 'environments' and much much more. Among their great works, be sure to also see the MethodLab. Showcase sites: MoMa Workspheres, The Apt, FusionOne.

design firmNofrontiere (Austria)
Nofrontiere is a renoun new media agency with an internal webgroup devoted to experimental research and creation. They specialize in interface and graphic design for CD-Rom, print and web, and have released more than one design book showcasing their projects and ideas.

design firmoeilpouroeil (France)
Truly superlative animation represented by the incredibly strange multimedia action people - in Weborama! Le Power! Be sure and check out 'Le Funky Clip'! Showcase site: Visiodrome.

design firmone9ine (NY)
Modern design standards Warren Corbit, Matt Owens and Lee Misenheimer equals one magnum opus portfolio site. The site itself is derigeur Owens - otaku metatech fusion in a state of grace. Projects include MOMA, Nike and MTV..

design firmOrganic (NYC, IL & CA)
The site redesign is great, which demonstrates the design sophistication of this almost tri-coastal - Chicago office - design firm. Their spanning locations should allow more of attention for clients.

design firmOven (NY and Global)
With offices from London to Tokyo, OVEN has been building a strong presence in Internet design. Their designs range from clean, Swiss-inspired web design to anime-style character designs for WAP games. Showcase sites: hookt, Tiffany

design firmOyster Partners (UK)
Combining technical leadership and appealing design, Oyster Systems and KBW Consulting have merged all business activity into one operating unit under the name Oyster Partners. Showcase sites: Arts Alliance, UK Gallery No.3, Mtv Europe

design firmP2 (NY)
P2 utilizes a proportioned balance of rough-edged print design and contrasting structures to achieve powerful promotional impacts. 2 artisits specialize in print, multimedia and motion graphics. Showcase sites: the early VH1 site.

designfirmPanoplie (France)
"The Orgainc Review of Contemporarty Art". At first this may appear to be a strange site, but it's really one of the topnotch Flash design firms - hands down. They choose, unlike any other firm, to focus on designing TRULY interactive and visual experiences and project sites for contemporary artists - therefore enlivenling the medium and spreading the good word.

design firmPixel:Industries (Germany)
Pixel:Industries, based in Munich, is lead by an active design force and works to create true visual beauty in their work, which focuses both on traditional print media and online works. A truly great site to get immersed in.

design firmPost Tool Design (CA)
Specializing in the strange and beautiful, Post Tool designs a wealthy range of interactive design. Look for their diversions, such as Post TV and the Post Tool Play Page.Look for their diversions, such as Post TV and the Post Tool Play Page. Showcase sites: California College of the Arts, WebGallery

design firmProxicom, Inc. (Reston, VA + Global)
Proxicom, Inc., is an e-business development company that delivers Internet-based solutions for Global 1000 companies. Although their clientele may reside in the clouds, Proxicom still maintains good design, including a nice corporate site with great navigation.

design firmRazorfish (NY & US)
Razorfish, now part of SBI Interactive, acquires a more global range with growing numbers of offices. The extentions to their site are diverting for those exploring types. The R-Sub Network is redesigned.

design firmRed Sky Interactive (US)
With a traditional taste of branding they have a print touch in their website. Interesting to browse especially the animated gif at first. Reminds me of jean fashion branding combined with their philosophy. They've won a number of awards and developed a nice website design. Showcase sites: Absolut DJ.

design firmResn8
Definately one to watch, this multimedia company has a great web site revealing a high-tech design attitude. Get your Shockwave ready.

design firmr/ga digital studios (NY)
A highly professional, digital turn-key studio, r/ga sports an excellent java-driven web site. From TV and commercial renderings to web sites and print, their production + designs are governed by a Bauhaus-inspired interdisciplinary approach. Showcase site: Nike.

design firmSecond Story (Oregon, US)
Clean design and consistently great sites for the mainstream and artistic audiences. Showcase sites: Fantastic Forest

design firmSterling Design (SF)
Gray and gritty, fine attention to detail, meticulous, highly complex.

design firmTerra Incognita (Louisiana)
Cited commonly for their achievements, Terra Incognita is a bright star in an otherwise blurry land of half-blips. The site design is classy and intelligent. Showcase site: King Tut's tomb

design firmTroisieme Oeil (France)
Great attention to details in both the site design of this 'agence cybernetique' and its product, web & print projects. The flash site is sleek, modern, rich and sultry. The whole experience of lingering on the site is like viewing a rich oil painting of mechanical lines in flash. Great works for Apple, Packard Bell and several Auto sites.

design firmtypogRaphic (Los Angeles)
The folio site of the fabulous Jimmy Chen, it features screenshots of a prolific amount of web projects and as a bonus, great high-quality motion type manipulations. Jimmy must have worked for electra records as his folio is filled with numerous great music artist sites. Showcase site: HSI Productions.

designfirmWDDG (NY)
Always dropping mad skills, WDDG makes even the color brown seem cool. This topnotch Flash design and development company specializes in web design and motion graphics, and they bring the New York flavor to a long list of top clients. Their style, attitude, and dedication to quality of execution is unmatched. Get ready for World Domination. Showcase sites: Devlab, ESPN/EXPN.

design firm*Wireframe Studio (S. Africa)
Wireframe studio, conductors of multimedia. A dandy little site where even the little folders in the navigation come alive. The clever flash/action scripting exiperiments are the kind where you wonder... ah, how did they do that?? Each experiment has a engaging and intutive interface and the overall crisp, clean, horizontal design adds to the whole package. Can't wait to see what is next.

design firmYenz (Germany)
The child of whimsey and techno-aesthetic innovation is...Yenz. Of special note is the Moccu Lab, where you can grow your own digital creature and, of course, the hidden wonders of Mutabor. Showcase sites: The Secret Garden of Mutabor, Moccu.

design firmZAAZ (Seattle, WA)
ZAAZ occupies a useful niche, even in today's over-hyped market - they provide technology and strategic expertise to organizations transforming for the Internet. Their specialty markets include: broadband, broadcast, entertainment & financial services. Crisp, clean and slightly monochromatic design. Showcase site: Progressive International.

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