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the best web shops, design firms, internet bureaus, boutiques and studios working online. Reviews provide a glimpse of their strengths in the market while project links direct you to their marquee design work.

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design firm2Advanced Studios (SF)
A design and development firm with an affinity for producing sophisticated Flash and multimedia experiences. Animation, Broadcast Quality Flash, Streaming Audio and Video and Shockwave are a few of the new media technologies that this firm succeeds at marketing. Overall, this is a widely capable studio for building high-impact web-based solutions. And a nice Flash site. Showcase site: Pittsburgh

design firmAnswerthink (Atlanta, GA)
answerthink is the higher collective of technological and strategic knowledge behind the eWorld's most dynamic business transformations. Positioned as the marketing and communications company for the information age, answerthink currently operates multiple offices in the United States with affiliates throughout the world. answerthink used to be known as think inc.

design firmArt Technology Group (Boston, MA)
ATG supports and develops dynamic sites through the deployment of their proprietary software, Dynamo. Completed comprehensive solutions for many large sites.

design firmThe Chopping Block (NY)
A perfect blend of personality, fun, professionalism and damn good design. The Chopping Block is a one of the few 'true' graphic design firms founded on the principle that good design spans all mediums. Their clients (and the design community) are lucky to have them. Showcase sites: Turner Classic Movies, MoMA: What Is a Print?.

design firmContent Free (Seattle, WA)
Based in Seattle, this irreverent web team composes crisp and professional-looking sites, and their continued work including the latest version fo their site has earned them a deserving upgrade to the Best-of-breed area. And on the new site, the developers have told us to make sure you play with the upper left icon, there's a surprise in there. Showcase site: On the American Trail.

design firmDED Associates (UK)
Bird sounds in the background and moving things on the screen create a different environment. Flash based website. Founded by Jon and Nik Daughtry (DED Associates). Has a publication called "Travel Sickness". Seems to be good in creating new concepts and then DEDing them. What's DEDing? Check it out...

Focused on total objectivity, total creativity, total communication, deepend produces compelling online material to enhance dialog with brand for a wide range of digital communications challenges. Showcase site: Aaron Deemer Photography.

design firmDepartment 3 (SF)
So you wanna open a design studio, do you? Well then, go check out Dept 3's site, look at it read it, study it, and you may understand what it takes to run a successiful design studio, Dept 3 was born out of the belief that a highly focused creative team will yield the most effective and innovative results. They know what they are talking about. Projects: Freebord, Spinner.

design firmThe Designers Republic (UK)
An experimental website in a minimalist style with a unique navigation. TDR is one of the originals that started many of the trends copied by new designers today. Visit here often to keep up with the leaders of the pack. Showcase site: Wipeout3.

design firmeBoy (DE)
A fantastic firm, hailing from Germany, comprised of a great group of illustratos and innovators. eBoy features original computer interfaces, their famous isometric world (featured in WIRED (1999), novel font creations, robot art and much more.

design firmEntropy8 (NY)
This imaginative team offered beautiful design molded into richly textured environments. As of this posting, you can still reach the old production site of "A Woman on Fire", Auriea Harvey. Showcase site (1999): Conscience Records.

design firmFork (Germany)
A funky and irreverent design bureau, 4RK, always gives great 'web'. The diversions on the site - this powerhouse is always updating its' formats - are great, So, enjoy and get inspired in new ways. Showcase site (1998-2002): Nivea.

design firmFrankfurt Balkind (NY)
Their latest site design shows the versatility and highlights of their new media drive. Projects range from print to identity and site design for Fortune 500 clients. Boasting over 100 employees.

design firmFunny Garbage (NY)
Funny Garbage produces a wide range of work that pushes the technical boundaries of the medium with small creative jobs that explore the ways in which content is represented on the web. Showcase site: Luaka Bop, Nike.

design firmFuture Farmers (CA)
Future Farmers utilizes innovative design and artistry, animation and interaction to carve out an original smooth and stylish niche in design. Great at print, web and interaction. The DHTML site is great.

design firmhi-res! (UK)
hi-res sites are true multisensory explorers, immersing you somewhere between experimental web art and a dream. The rich worlds they create unfold in a manner that encourage personal interaction and unique interpretation. Their site and portfolio are constantly in a state of innovative flux as they push the envelope of interface design. Showcase sites: soulbath, Requiem For A Dream.

design firmHillmancurtis Inc. (NY)
This agency focuses mainly on the online experience - designing motion experiences that evoke feeling. This drive has pushed much of their work into advertising promotion for some big clients and they are generally involved with online events and advertising.

design firmHuge Inc. (Brooklyn, NY)
Huge rocks out, kicking some serious ass in Flash form and function development. Simple and functional interface on their site is a pleasure. Showcase site: Firetone Records, IKEA & newly: P.Diddy.

design firmImaginaryforces
A film and motion design powerhaus, Imaginaryforces gets great kudos for excellent title designs and more, but especially for a great site to house it all.

design firmImagination (UK)
Very clean and professional site design. Great access to information. Interesting use of frames. They designed the "Experience" design book, and excel in professional designs for a number of media.

design firmInteractive Bureau (USA)
IAB is an excellent studio with an attractive boutique mentality. This group has about 8 offices nation-wide. With ample experience and thorough philosophical direction, IAB is forging a nice path in web-development. Showcase site: MSNBC.

design firmIcon MediaLab (Global)
Focused through their comprehensive methodology, Icon MediaLab delivers successful global solutions for a variety of projects through numerous offices world-wide.

design firmJessica Helfand | William Drenttel
JH|WD drops knowledge in industry design publications such as eye, I.D. and Communication Arts. And a very nice site showcases their work. Be sure to check out their new project for the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Showcase site: The Asterik Project.

design firmJuxt Interactive (CA)
Juxt Interactive creates beautifully designed web sites. Just check out Juxt's great portfolio of both professional and experimental designs. Showcase site: OS76.

design firmLessrain (UK)
A small firm that is packing quite a punch. The interface structure of this site is unmatched. Clean, stylish, and highly interactive.

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