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Over 200 Inspiring Design Books
Dive into the ultimate web designers' library of graphic, web and typography design books -- for amateurs and professionals alike.

Coast to Coast
In this rich and engaging collection of top-notch contemporary graphic design from America - spanning from Boston to San Francisco - each design seems to leap from from the page and provide a new source of visual inspiration. A true who's who of the graphic design scene without any of the pretense, just great work. This is a book that we flip through almost daily. (5 Stars at Amazon).
Hardcover: 216pp.
Save 30% : $38.50

De manifest
With unrivaled artistic subtlety and a truly poetic touch, De manifest skillfully combines a wealth of aspects and techniques: filigree works on canvas, tiny graffitis hidden underneath coarse brushstrokes, illuminated fantasy characters blended into hyper-realistic figurines, extremely reduced, skinny British fonts, two-tone posters, record sleeves, silkscreen prints and even surreal outings into preposterously fake photography.
Paperback: 144pp.
Save 30% : $28.00

No More Rules
No More Rules is the first critical survey to offer a complete overview of the graphic revolution during the postmodern period. Design critic Rick Poynor tells this story in detail, breaking down a broad, multifaceted field of graphic design activity into key developments and themes.
Paperback: 192pp.
Save 30% : $24.50

Typography 24 : The Annual of the Type Directors Club
Now available for order. the latest edition of the well-established graphic design annual of the Type Directors Club. Devoted exclusively to typography, this book presents the 240 winning designs selected by the TDC from over 2,000 entries worldwide. Models of excellence and innovation, they encompass a variety of categories.
Hardcover: 304pp.
Save 30% : $41.97

BuroDestruct II
Buro Destruct II follows its predecessor in the healthy mix of commissioned and free designs and shows a consistent continuation, development and refinement of the distinctive Swiss, Buro Destruct style.
Paperback: 226pp.
Save 30% : $35.00

Breathe in a bright retro expressionism. The illustrated works and collages herald back to a time when design was sexy and imbued with a rich, artistic yearning for something beyond the usual - a merging of fashion, photos, design and printed materials into a vibrant revival of the 60's and 70's - design of today's contemporary world. Approx. 95% images with 5% text + surprise inset magazine.
Best Known Price: $31.50
Hardcover (160pp.)

Poster Collection 1980-2000
No. 3 from the Poster Collection series devoted to contemporary design that covers an elite selection of posters in the rarer "Weltformat", a machine size common to Switzerland. About 95% imagery with 5% text on the works and the strong resonance of this exhibit presented in Zurich.
Regular/medium format. (94pp.)
Best Known Price: $18.20
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Norm: The Things
Essentially an examination & deconstruction of normal objects (things) occurring in 3-d and 2-d reality, Norm sets off as a type of visual philosophical study on the route to discovery as it tries to explain the most mundane elements of reality. Fascinating and unique.
Double sided/double bound (120pp.)
Best Known Price: $30.80
Also See: Woodtli
Dsos1: The User's Manual

Inertia Visual Culture 2001
Surfing print was never quite so good. Design, photos and illustrations comprising what this Hungarian design portal views as the best designs from 2001. This graphic archive is about 98% image and 2% text, with large full pages of graphics, with a heavy tilt towards fragmented and reconstructed 3-d imagery. (190 pp.)
Best Known Price: $28.73

Young Guns 3 _ NYC
In this packaged exhibit from the Art Directors Club Show covering about 60 design groups, 90 participants, and their work, one may describe their imagery as "surprisingly professional", "fresh", irreverent", "self-absorbed", obsessive", even "banal", often focusing on "capturing the nondescript ordinary". Pretentious Interview questions are overshadowed by the fine quality of works. Visual imagery 85% (High quality). Text 15% (Low quality).
Best Known Price: $21.00

Nose Pilot
A young German artist and musician Carsten Nicolai takes us through a mesmerizing examination of the naturally occurring designs discovered through experiments with natures' random phenomena. Each exhibit is covered here with about 70% photographic imagery and 30% devoted to information and interviews about each piece in both German and English.
Best Known Price: $26.60
Comes with CD of Nicolai's music, which can best be described as thinner, more purely electronic "Sound of Noise".

Typography 23
Typography 23, the only annual devoted exclusively to typography, presents the finest work in this field for 2001. Selected from approximately 2,500 international submissions, the 158 winning designs displayed in this reference are models of excellence and innovation in the use of type. Special indices list full information on the typefaces used and the creative team.
Best Known Price: $41.97

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