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When the Internet arrived, and TV stations started fumbling to put content on websites, for a moment there, it almost seemed like they forgot they already owned the second-most engaging medium around (film being the first). So it's about time one station understands that if I'm going to visit the web site of a TV channel, its pretty much essential for me to quickly be able to find out what's going to be coming next on the TV!

This ESPN TV site was developed to roll all ESPN promotional TV sites under a consistent platform... and with 9 different channels, sport fanatics have been thirsting for a slick little site to quickly find out what is coming up on TV in the next 24 hours and beyond. Plus, with a strong navigation and flawless UI, all your favorite sports shows are rarely more than 2-3 clicks away. But that's not all. The ESPN site is a complex Flash application that is practically built like a piece of stand-alone software. The site takes advantage of the new Flash 8 alpha masking video codec and the data source formats include both xml and Flash Remoting. We could tell you more, but we really know you just want to get to the TV guide section and mark off your favorite shows to follow.

Designed by: AKQA


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