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London 2012 Olympics Brand

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London 2012 Olympics Brand

The bright and colorful (and hotly debated) new logo for the London 2012 Olympics brand designed by Wolf Ollins makes a bold statement with its release last week. While some stalwart UK news critics are up in arms (notably the Sun and Independent) and designers are being polarized from coast to coast, some of the brand messaging is lost in the public's initial gut reaction to the logo. It's actually quite a positive message of inclusion, fair play, and interaction — even welcoming people to download the logo template and design their own variations (hint, hint, 'threadsters.) Personally, we're for anything that stirs up this much debate and interest in graphic design... and additionally any logo that has been described as both "new rave", a "toilet monkey" and looks like a graffiti mural gets our vote! Finally, since no one can quite decide what the logo is, or whether it will either be outdated in 5 years, or talked about for many, many years to come... we'll let time be the final judge.

Designed by: Wolf Ollins


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jul 17, 2007


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