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Digital Egypt

Digital Egypt

Had you never been to Egypt proper and you plan to, but haven't had the chance yet... or even if you were turned away at the border (we were!) and you can only get your fix by seeing the Giza pyramids on TV, then this one page wonder of a web site will virtually whisk you away to the big pyramids of Egypt in ancient Egyptian style. Everything you wanted to see in one trip is presented in nicely made QTVR panoramas and photos, framed by hieroglyphics, and it even comes complete with tourists! Only covering one area at this time, Digital Egypt is a great themed design and amateur visual resource for taking a peek at Giza, Egypt.

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Digital Egypt

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Giza, pyramids, panoramic, QTVR

Reviewed by Filip on Jul 7, 2006


The designers of this site brought to our attention that they also made another virtual city site for Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in a very old project: Digital Tallinn.

Posted by: RFS [TypeKey Profile Page] - 07/11/06

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