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Radiohead - In Rainbows

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Radiohead - In Rainbows

As newsworthy as any new music launch, Radiohead is revolutionizing the music industry by (not selling) their new album (launching Oct 10th) at a price of your choosing. Tom Yorke does it again, and now Radiohead is using their influence (and trusting a loyal fan-base to abuse the power of the web) to throw a rock 'n roll style monkey wrench into the gear-box of the industry's corporate machine. Kudos.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Oct 3, 2007


Do you know what design firm/designer made the site? It looks like David Carson's work for the web, but I'm not sure. It looks really beautiful.

Posted by: SharpieUser [TypeKey Profile Page] - 10/18/07

I am a big fan too. I nearly bought the limited edition for x-mas. The cover of this album is as clean as Carson's work indeed.

Posted by: Joe Maguire [TypeKey Profile Page] - 03/19/08

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