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Radiohead - In Rainbows

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Radiohead - In Rainbows

As newsworth as any new music launch, Radiohead is revolutionizing the indy music industry by providing their new album (launching Oct 10th) at a price of your choosing. Yes, that's right... You set the price yourself on the site for the download of the new album titled "In Rainbows". Whatever you think about their music, they certainly are on the forefront of the new progressive rock sound. And now they are using their massive influence (and trust in a loyal fan-base) to throw a rock 'n roll style monkey wrench into the gear-box of the industry's corporate machine. Kudos.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Oct 3, 2007


Do you know what design firm/designer made the site? It looks like David Carson's work for the web, but I'm not sure. It looks really beautiful.

Posted by: SharpieUser [TypeKey Profile Page] - 10/18/07

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