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Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited

In a continuing sign of the explosion of video gaming to come, Atari rises from the ashes to release a first-of-its-kind Massivly Multiplayer Online racing game for the XBOX360 platform. Test Drive Unlimited is the signature release for the 360 (much as Halo was for the first generation XBOX) which is virtually set on 1000 miles of 3D roads on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Test Drive brings many unprecedented online features to the racing genre and is the first title to fully showcase the true power of the new triple-processor system. If you haven't been keeping up with video games since the days of Spy Hunter then you'll be astounded by the graphics available for home systems which undoubtedly rival the realism of 3D created for blockbuster animation movies. We're very happy that Atari has released a slick, flashy site that describes all of the features, and provides fresh video clips of the gameplay and in-game interface. Test Drive literally launches the bar higher for the future of video gaming, and we look forward to Atari coming back strong as a leading video game developer once again.

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Test Drive Unlimited screenshot

Test Drive Unlimited

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