Aug 18, 2022

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BCBGClean, autumnal and classic - and that's just the clothes. The site for this Italian women's clothing designer, Max Aria, features a tight knit of swiss block structures that form a sensory stage for both the models and the fashion. Seductive and crafty, the tonal elements of each section carefully compliment the light and textured line of clothes.... More


Ed Fox photography

Ed Fox photographyA sophisticated pop-up window highlights a range of style photography in this portfolio. The layout is intuitive, clean, and expandable. A delicate composition, this concept lends to the interaction, providing a sense of discovery. This site has since been undesigned for the worse.... More

Red Light

Red LightYes, it's a pornography site, and you'll have to pay to see (most of) the pictures, but for what it's worth, it's the first smut site that actually considers navigation and design - and it's worth the wait. Redesigned since this review. Svelte photo-illustration combined with original navigational schemes. The thoughtful use of black & white imagery made pages download moderately fast, while the graphics were cutting edge for sex-sites.... More

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fashion, clothes & photos is...

Web site design for fashion and photography portfolios that stand up to the heat on the catwalk. Clothes, people, places, fashion and photos all rolled into one.


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