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Beautiful Freak

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Beautiful Freak

I've always personally considered myself somewhat of a Naked Freak... meaning I have no tatoos or piercings... and that's just been my preference. But Beautiful Freak has a beautiful website that showcases a style of tatooing that I've always thought is the only way to do tatoos... And that is with a personalized style and custom fit. Seriously, what's the point of needling indelible ink into your skin if it's the same artwork that Bob from Nowheresville has... and he got it before you did? None... Therefore, if you are into a style of tribal, abstract or even geometric, but don't want to copy Bob, then Beautiful Freak is the place to experiment with your custom fit and personalized pattern. The site is so nice, it even made me consider getting a piercing... but of course, it would tastefully complement my new custom tatoo.

Designed by: Chilli (BE)

Beautiful Freak screenshot


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jul 18, 2006


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