Mar 24, 2023

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The Creative Mind

Adobe - The Creative MindIt's been a little while since we've seen a hot Adobe web advertisement like this... The visually eye-blowing site features the work of several design studios and image makers, spread across a universe of three exquisitely rendered, illustrated, and animated planets. The result is a free-flowing, interactive animated experience that shows off the new capabilities of Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 within the abstract framework of a designer's mental universe. Not to be missed.... More

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Adobe - The Creative Mind

Not So Simpleton

notsosimpletonMyron Campbell is an artist and designer whose mixed media work is immersed in ideas surrounding consciousness and the subconscious, dream states and fairy tales. He uses painting, drawing, digital art, sound, collage and 2D animation to explore and create his bizarre visions. So now, enter his dreams and explore his thoughts in this fragile, patchwork site of his subconscious mind.... More

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Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett Advertising PortfolioBased on the founding principle of Leo Burnett, that big ideas come out of big pencils, you are invited to pick up a big pencil yourself and draw your way through this unique interactive advertising portfolio – filled with tasty animated treats. Since we have a place for ad firms in our designcompanies area, this is a special recognition for outstanding interactive web design in an agency or firm.... More

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Leo Burnett Advertising Portfolio

Interact 10 Ways

Interact 10 Ways | Getty ImagesIn a semi-promotional experimental collaboration, Getty Images teams up with 5 renown designers and agencies (Sumona, The Barbarian Group, Tomato, Less Rain and Great Works) to create 10 exploratory interactive pieces. The firms conceptualized and developed some interesting hybrids of playful interaction and visual experimentations that focus on and around photographs from Getty's huge archive of stock imagery. And each module has its own interesting aspects, but the two by Sumona (the only designer without an established web presence) - especially one called "information" - are just not to be missed.... More

Interact 10 Ways | Getty Images


EbOY | hello eboy XV After all these years, still pumping out the bits and pushing the pixels, EbOY continues to be the ultimate pixel illustrators paradise. More isometric angles and bizarre pixel illustrations than you can shake a magic wand at, EbOY truly is the king of all pixel designers. And this is the palace of all of their art... from the eCity Pixorama to the pixel portraits, this is an online cornucopia of digital goodness. 'Nuff said.... More

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EbOY | hello eboy XV

EnBW Spamrecycler

EnBW SpamrecyclerHow many do you get each day? As you can expect, we get hundreds. But there's hope! In one of the more curious experimental designs we've seen in recent years, the Spam Recycler turns your data waste into art. We're not sure how it works - sounds like Star Trek technology - but somehow the emails you submit get shredded and broken down into little particles and then are used to create virtual graphics and small personal pieces that you can print out or use as a desktop background. Brilliant!... More

EnBW Spamrecycler


M!ndUsing the tagline, "Cultural ammunition for better business", M!nd is an experimental news filtering tool and idea refueling station created by a branding company called Modernista!. M!nd provides the ammunition they need to help draw out emerging patterns from events occuring around the world. It acts as a type of news filter coupled with cultural introspection that helps digest the overflow of information individuals are bombarded with on a daily basis. Literally M!nd is what Modernista! uses along with their clients to help them "mind" their business by making sense of the world around them. It's a fascinating application, and since anyone can use it, you may find yourself returning to it on more than one occasion (even though it seems like updates have mostly stopped since 2003). The M!nd has no limits. Since this posting, we discovered M!nd was actually the very first incarnation of the Modernista! website. And... More

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Fight the browsers that be, word up. Flashtime is a new idea in site design from - named so because it's essentially Flash playing within QuickTime - that may completely revitalize our typical browsing experience.... More


Dodge Magazine

Dodge MagazineNot much of an actual 'web' design, but rather a series of digital flat screens. Dodge, Issue #1, is a print-like collaboration of several young and upencoming digital artists who created a two-tone series of flat pixel designs that are fun, and just nice to examine. At the end, you'll also find links to all the contributing artists' sites, which is useful in and of itself.... More

Also posted under design 'zines, xyz miscellaneous.

Dodge Magazine


VerbWe like it hard, and this is the kind of site that ultimately gets us hard as steel. Why? It's the navigation, stupid. Or rather... it's smart navigation. Take a spin around Verb to see how it's done: notice how Verb calculates your current position and sends you links to relevant information from other areas. Hot hot hot.... More

Büro für Gestaltungsfragen

Büro für GestaltungsfragenInterface Design for BfGf, German industrial-design studio. Complete flexibility for future updates inside a dynamic template system with all of the extras: sound, animation, experimental navigation. Unusual navigation that contextualizes the nature of BfGfs work. This hot interface design may take a couple tries getting used to because it is so original and uniquely developed.... More

Büro für Gestaltungsfragen

Warp Records

Warp RecordsWarp records is the label site for a great many new electronic and independent-style artists. The design features a tight, dark style of flat, 'blocky' colors meant in many cases to imitate 3-D or a 3-D version of equalizers. The overall appearance can be a bit sparse at times, but allows for efficient updates from the database as this is a comprehensive site for many artists. Programmed by: Kleber.... More

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Warp Records

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Technical design sites, using Shockwave, Flash, Java or DHTML to create experimental sites, concepts and original online programming. From the wacky to the mathematically sublime.



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