Aug 10, 2020

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Is this a magazine?

This is a MagazineIs this an answer? 'This' nicely explores topics from rock-star makeup to fashion & interiors. A treat of thick flip-book of images and not even one ad.... More

This is a Magazine

Kaliber 10,000

Kailber 10,000K10k may refer to the caliber and number of artists and designers who house a piece of work here for others to discover. Flash and Shock showcases galore. One section of this Danish design magazine invites visitors to profile their user-provided content. It's because K10k is all about getting your original design stuff seen and sharing it with others. Lots of user interaction make this a place of discovery and discourse. Competitions, user submitted features - like the designer's desktop (at over 1,000 and counting) -monthly artist features and more, make this a place worth revisiting often.... More

Kailber 10,000


ReservocationPut together in a beautiful shell, with meticulous typographic attention, this is a sophisticated online design magazine that communicates with designers and explores online design. Updated irregularly, but at this posting, we are awaiting a new weekly design version.... More



SpectacleA place for hypernarratives, discovery and content that 'breaks the rules'. This was one of the first agency-sponsored content destinations driven by strong graphic design. Check out various modules like Zoeye - a visually rich narrative experience, and many others. At this time, the site is long gone, but not forgotten!... More


SutureSuture is a place for global discovery. Suture brings you the sights and sounds of far away places in a mix of story book fantasy and photojournalist factualism. Freshly designed, earlier editions were influenced by a miniature model brochure and living in Europe. Come by often - Suture is updated on a fairly regular schedule.... More



 Wallpaper*Another Global presentation, this Swedish based Magazine put together a great Flash site that effectively mirrors their stylish, European and minimalist design approaches. The clean, photo-derived animation and outlines all come together quite beautifully to create an overall great atmosphere and a stylish platform for discovery.... More

Also posted under fashion, clothes & photos.


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Web design magazines, community sites, news hubs and graphic magazines that also cover design writing, typography and experimental design.



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