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Loft Investments

Loft InvestmentsFinancial minimalism taken to its finished state, finely tuned and carefully polished. A very wonderfully crafted grid design for a financial investments firm based in Sweden. Beautiful splashes of color dotted throughout for the graphs and diagrams. Excellent.... More

Loft Investments


KyoceraKyocera Wireless puchased Qualcomm's wireless phone business and inherited their website. This corporate product site showcases wireless devices in a clean, modern and boldly colored panel design that elegantly breaks from traditional webpage layouts to provide information quickly, and with style.... More


KahluaBased upon specifically selected tonalities and supported by original navigational ideas, this compact site for Kahlua evokes a playful and colorful sensation. Interactive features also help absorb users within the site. The design was as smooth and tasty as the drink itself. Here's to the dude. Redesigned for the worse since this posting.... More


jetBlueA hipper new airline from the chaps at Virgin needs an original presence online to highlight its new approach and separate it from the competition. This design needed to separate jetBlue from the commodity business and negative outlook on the airline industry. The solution achieved through the branding, site design and additional advertising was enacted by promoting jetBlue's solution-driven attributes: "simplicity, honesty, explicit people focus and very fair fares..." while still communicating the rewards of flying. JetBlue is a new airline from the founders of Virgin and Virgin Airlines.... More


iTheo, a new online art marketplace, has a unique site design that sets them apart from their competitors. The site is friendly, inviting, and appeals specifically to the target audience of emerging artists. Richly decorated in earthy and warm tones that function like a painting's frame, iTheo's design respectfully highlights its showcase art and artists. The design of this sophisticated and compelling interface is matched by the voice of the site, which is welcoming and accessible and focused on the user experience.... More


IBM - Smarter Planet

IBM - Smarter PlanetGood old IBM leverages its branding power and smarts to try to make the planet a better (and smarter) place to work, live and do business. If you are looking for new grid designs and graphs, you'll find clean pages, graphs-a-plenty, and a very snazzy set of colorful icons... And that's just what you see on the surface. It's all about the ideas and how they can help make things better for all of us.... More

Also posted under green design.

IBM - Smarter Planet

Grupo DESC

Grupo DESCDESC's 25th year anniversary site is wonderful to explore - especially in the pop-up window. The shapes and colors of the sections are beautiful. The branding is clear and definative. Groupo DESC, or 'DESC Unit' in English, forms joint ventures to produce synthetic rubber in Mexico for worldwide markets. This site celebrates and informs on their 25th year anniversary, expressing the vision and the facts about DESC now to their worldwide audience. DESC is still maintaining the nice design into 2000.... More


GatewayThis site has a renewed focus to sell computers, and a tight redesign right down to the pixel. Computer shopping gets right to the point. This site features super attention to details down to the pixel within a clean, grid-based design that is intuitive and transparent. This site has lost much of it's cleanliness since this posting. The attention to detail has dropped as features are added and the impact of the design is considerably weaker than when it first launched.... More


ford (S.Africa)

FordLike the drafting room at Ford auto design school, the execution of this conceptual design measures up to lofty graphic standards. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised. There's a strong movement of design 'down under' that is quickly catching the public's eye. This is one example. Since this posting we have seen many great works coming from SA and they all rock. Unfortunatley, much of the orginal beauty of this site has re-appropriated for new content and the original details are now gone.... More


First Data

First Data"Going beyond the transaction" is their tag line, and that attitude extends into their design—up to a certain point. Certainly, this is a bold and up-to-date design for a payment transaction firm. We really liked the bold chevron ribbons as a branded contrast against their deep blue backgrounds. Then there's the use of dark squares and shading which give boxed elements the appearance of floating over the background. We were also impressed with the look of the dashboard, which contains bite-size graphs and financial snippets. Plus the drop-down navigation elements are quite nice too. Overall, pretty slick looking.... More

First Data

epb communications

epb.communications is bygoneThe design for epb.communications, a 3-tiered marketing agency, boasts a finely refined corporate palette of grays and medium hued pastels that help create a pleasing surfing experience and a unique online indentity. Overall, a very nice modern site with a controlled, yet seemingly 'patchy' tonal appeal. epb is a respected consultancy and this site design sets a distinctive online mark for this marketing firm.... More

epb.communications is bygone


Electrolux.comAh, we can feel the effervescent cleaning power at work on our brains already... With this sky-blue background and gravity-defying water droplets, this single page gateway site for Electrolux – a Swedish appliance company – oozes with a fresh, sensual appeal. Unfortunately, the killer drawback to this page is that every single link takes you to another pop-up Electrolux site... Which wouldn't be so bad if the designs were more similar. It's a great gateway splash page, but ultimately this page is 99% functionally irrelevant. It's a testament to the difficulty (and failure) of unifying a multitude of branded global sites under one design. We can only hope, perhaps, that the design of this one page wonder will eventually be "filtered-down" to all the sub-country sites. In the meantime, enjoy the bubbles, but just don't click on anything!... More

Also posted under industrial design & autos.

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