Sep 20, 2020

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There are a lot of people making really good cartoons with 3D imagery, but does stand out in a number of ways. Complete with a diary, a "Making Of" section, concept art, and test scenes, Rustboy and his creator, Brian Taylor (XL5), have put together a website with some real meat. For the casual viewer, I doubt very much that this site will yield much more than some "oohs" and "aahs", but for a designer (or anyone who has ever wished to be an animator) this site provides much more. As mentioned, Rustboy comes complete with a "Making Of" section - and therein is the treat. As you watch Sundance quality QT files, you can read the details of how each effect was accomplished. To be fair, he only goes into detail on a few things, but the site is updated pretty regularly and it is safe to assume that more explanation is forthcoming. Highlights include: the Rustboy action figure prototype, the water scenes.

Rustboy screenshot

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