Jun 08, 2023


Tansu Yacht DesignForget for a moment – websites, posters, fashion, electronics, and furniture... here is an outstanding design firm that specilizes in shipbuilding... yachts to be exact! And what yachts they are – we just can't get enough of the design of these unique vessels. Some of them look like PT-boats, updated with a modern twist. The larger yachts have this sophiticated, military line to them, almost like mini naval cruisers. But that's just the exteriors... Tansu takes their vast experience in product and interior design, and pours it into an thoroughly obsessive attention to detail, styling and architecture that raises the entire boating experience to a higher plane of expression and usability—inside and out. Living at the crossroads of so many design disciplines, while crafting such beautiful, usable crafts is really just unfair. Damn right, we're straight-up jealous! All that, and a great Flash site too.... More

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Tansu Yacht Design

London 2012 Olympics Brand

London 2012 Olympics BrandThe bright and colorful (and hotly debated) new logo for the London 2012 Olympics brand designed by Wolf Ollins makes a bold statement with its release last week. While some stalwart UK news critics are up in arms (notably the Sun and Independent) and designers are being polarized from coast to coast, some of the brand messaging is lost in the public's initial gut reaction to the logo. It's actually quite a positive message of inclusion, fair play, and interaction — even welcoming people to download the logo template and design their own variations (hint, hint, 'threadsters.) Personally, we're for anything that stirs up this much debate and interest in graphic design... and additionally any logo that has been described as both "new rave", a "toilet monkey" and looks like a graffiti mural gets our vote! Finally, since no one can quite decide what the logo is, or whether it will... More

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London 2012 Olympics Brand

Open Doors Student Site

Open Doors Student SiteAs wary as we are to post anything on Digitalthread with a religious slant (Note: you may notice two things we almost never post about is religion and alcohol-related products), we are fans of this rather simple tri-tone (actually it's 5-toned) design of this youth-oriented Christian site. It used to be that many of these organizations had horrible design standards, but over the last 5 years they have poured more money into design, recognizing the benefits of graphics in attracting a younger audience. Does this slicker design package breed a skeptical distrust among other "non-affiliates"? Naturally, it might, but who is to say these "firms" cannot engage in smart marketing of their own message and "products"? It leads to all sorts of prickly questions around the branding of religions that this editor cannot hope to undertake in this forum, nor is it prudent to do so... but do feel free... More

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Open Doors Student Site

Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana and the Nitro CircusBack with a bang after a little delay, we bring you Travis Pastrana – motocross madman – and his Nitro Circus. This bangin' mash-up design features a lot of fun Flash transitions and in-your-face graphics. Exploding off your screen, this site reflects much of the fun and daring of extreme sports' high-impact design. Our only knock was the music doesn't stay off as you move from area to area, and the site load is pretty damn huge. But hey, that's how these guys live... large!... More

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Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus



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