Jun 04, 2023


Volkswagen of AmericaWelcome to the masterful branding that is the Volkswagon auto site... from end to end, title to widget, hype to reality and rubber to chrome, every nook and cranny of this car site is meticulously polished and in line with the new "V-dub" branding. The only comparable web site we can think of which is so seamlessly intergrated is Apple's—which also builds upon the strong use of white, (occasional black) and bold, full-screen presentations. Screen after screen there are beautiful layouts and great car photos to behold... but functionally, there are some real wonders in here too; 3D-on-the-fly-rendering of videos, the widget/dashboard nav, build and crash your own car, or take one of the VW rides into the Compare-o-tron. What can we say—after three days exploring this site, we are still finding it increasingly impressive.... More

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Volkswagen of America

the greencurve + alittlebettergasstation

the greencurve + alittlebettergasstation.comThis posting is actually two sites by BP—two sites which share the same branding, color scheme and purpose; to indroduce us to "greener" ways we can live our lives in conjuntion with gasoline usage. BP is savvy when it comes to grasping the idea of environmental impact, and has used it extensively in crafting their brand. In site one, (thegreencurve.com - see main link) we learn how well we are doing personally on the "greencurve" of environmental impact. In site two, alittlebettergasstation.com, we explore some new forward-thinking industrial design by BP in the form of their futuristic and eco-friendly gas station. This page contains a stand-alone Flash piece that uses animated, "cartoony" characters reminicent of very early TV ads for gas stations with a dash of Looney Tunes thrown in. Hopefully, this kind of thinking, and eco-friendly branding becomes more of a trend moving into the future.... More

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the greencurve + alittlebettergasstation.com

Get the Glass!

Get the Glass!As, one of the first (and only) web games we've played more than once, this "advertainment" for the Got Milk? campaign is far-and-away the best produced and realized game sites we've seen since... well, since ever! From the artistry of the characters, to the 3D realization of the island, to the graphic elements, typography... this virtual recreation of a simple board-game comes together like a cold glass of milk and chocolate chip cookies. And of course, this award winning site (Cannes Lion 2006) site was produced by a Swedish firm... who else? Much to love about this design. Now, "can I please get the glass?".... More

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Get the Glass!

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm JumeirahForget websites for a moment. Think bigger. Much bigger! Imagine what it would be like to design an entire island. Even Bigger? What if the entire island were 100% man-made? Well, in the Arab Emirates, extending from the coast of Dubai, such a project is well underway... and it is being billed as the 8th wonder of the world and the "most significant and creative earth form made by man". It is literally, an enourmous palm-shaped lagoon/island jutting into the sea—and from an architectural, engineering, and environmental standpoint, this is a design project of mind-boggling proportions. While the site is your standard fare, the branding is done by FutureBrand, and is just one small – but vitally important – component of the big picture (just imagine what this construction project would feel like without a comprehensive brand). As you explore this site, we think you'll agree that all (even small)... More

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The Palm Jumeirah

The Police Inside Out

The Police Inside OutFollowing on the heels of the recently announced Police tour – and just screening in Japan this week – The Police Inside Out is the film by Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police, who compiled his Super 8 footage to create an intimate look at what it was like to be in the band back in the 80's. This site promo for the film has all the elements that we love these days: a large poster style front page, wood textures and treatment, a collage of graphics and finally, big type juxtaposed with small, Japanese lettering... in fact, we can't choose which aspects we like most—they hit us on all our soft points! Well, although the site can be quite slow (served from Japan) and many of the links are external and you won't understand a word... it's still a rockin' site for this rock bands first official movie.... More

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The Police Inside Out

Philips Dynamic Lighting

Philips Dynamic LightingHere's an interesting site (we missed) that launched back in 2005... Remote controlled, dynamic lighting—an advanced lighting solution that brings the rythmic fluctuations of daylight into the working environment. Dynamic Lighting is something you install into your home or office that alternates between blends of cool and warm light to create a stimulating (or soothing) ambience, based upon the time of day, or your own preferences. It's a really interesting technology, and this clean, sky-tones-on-white website has all the right demos and diagrams to communicate the concept with the utmost clarity.... More

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Philips Dynamic Lighting



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