May 28, 2023

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Re-Sizer - Photoshop Actions

Re-Sizer - Photoshop Action PackRe-Sizer – a Photoshop Action Pack – was specially developed for enhancing photos and images from low to high quality. It claims to enlarge the size of photos up to 600% without the loss of quality, and apparently this little Action Set is legitimate. Getting best results with stock photos, in our estimate, it has the potential to save agency designers hundreds of dollars. Not to mention oodles of time if they can work more effectively with stock photo comps. Pretty cool demo site too.... More

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Re-Sizer - Photoshop Action Pack

Stop the madness with SpamArrest

Get SpamArrest NowWe recently sent out 10,000 emails to our own mailing list and got back scores of emails from people who said their emails were closed due to spam... But another whole bunch of them were now protected with something called SpamArrest... It's a simple challenge & response system that only asks your friends to confirm their identity once, and they are in... while the bots are out! So for those who want to beat back the tidal waves of junk mail, there’s only one 100% solution... Get Spam Arrest... your Inbox will thank you.... More

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Get SpamArrest Now


RetroScan 1.1 from Deep Devices. RetroScan is a PhotoShop Plug-In that simulates the effect of noisy TV signal lines, and includes an interface so you can adjust the effects. Download now. (Shareware Fee $20). download now... More

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Photoshop actions, plug-ins, photoshop tutorials. Plans for this section are big, however content is a little... lacking. But we hope more is coming soon.



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