Jun 04, 2023

fonts & type : free font links

WC Fonts

WC fontsWC Fonts – founded in 2005 by Christophe Féray and based in France – is a small typographer's paradise consisting of some great professional font designs, and features a large freeware fonts collection in OpenType format. The typefaces are often conventional in terms of legibility—yet still funky and modern, experimenting with concepts that seek new visual, typographic and linguistic possibilities. The pro/custom designed typefaces are published for retail sale, and are all quite nice (although at this posting we had a hard time finding the payment links). We also liked his iconographic fonts.... More

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WC fonts

Cape Arcona Type Foundry

Cape Arcona Type FoundryClassic Arcona fonts are back online. Visit the store with over 40 fonts available at this time - and download over a dozen classic Arcona fonts that are totally free! Cape Arcona Type Foundry offers a wide range of typographic services, from original typeface design to individual font production... A foundry and type specialty design firm all in one.... More

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Cape Arcona Type Foundry

Fountain Pro Bono Fonts

These are the free fonts - designed by Peter Bruhn - that every that every graphic designer has on their hard drive... and if not, under what rock and which century have you been hiding? From what is considered the very first pixel font, Sevenet, to antique and gothic style samplers, modern smooth fonts, and even some characters and dingbats, Fountain gives away these great type samples all for free! 13 Free Fonts for Mac and PC.... More

Fountain Bro Bono Fonts

Fonthead Design Free Font Set

Typical of the quirky and hand-made style of Fonthead Design fonts, this set of freebies is probably not going to give you a lot of ammunition for dry corporate projects. But if you want to round out your font collection with a couple solid hand-written fonts, then this is a good place to start. We do love the free Star Wars font, Redfive, however. 9 Free Fonts for Mac and PC.... More

Fonthead Design Free Font Set

Chank Fonts

Ever-evolving, Chank's methods of cranking out fonts and offering font give-aways created a movement of followers on the web. Therefore, you'll find a huge assortment of wild and comic fonts by Chank Diesel and friends. Enjoying the lost childhood pleasure of complete irreverence while immersed in handwritten fonts is like being back in the womb. Lots of free fonts here.... More

Chank Fonts

fonts & type : free font links


free font links is...

Look no further, herein lie the links to feed your free font needs. Only the best free resources and no font pirates will be listed here. PC and Mac fonts are indicated.



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