Jun 04, 2023

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FontShop | FontFontFontShop (producers of the FontFont library) just let us know they've released four new fonts today... Each FontFont release is newsworthy in its own right, but there is something especially momentous about this one: four brand new families, each one very different from the others; new styles for three of their most popular typefaces; and a dozen expertly crafted OpenType releases that breathe new life into FontFont classics. 'Njoy!... More

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FontShop | FontFont


village type co-opVillage is a type co-op founded in 2005 as a distribution agent for a group of small digital type foundries from around the world. The members hail from Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States... forming a union of eleven (soon to be twelve at this posting) outstanding young type foundries who have decided to go it alone, together.... More

village type co-op

Font Bureau

Font BureauA renown font foundry founded in 1989 by noted publications designer and consultant Roger Black and type designer David Berlow to serve the emerging needs of microcomputer-based magazine and newspaper publishers seeking unique typographic identities. The New York Times, Newsweek and Smart were among the first clients to commission type designs. During the past fifteen years, Font Bureau has designed over 1,000 fonts for over 300 publications. A few of these designs remain the exclusive property of the publications but most have become part of Font Bureauís Retail Library. This retail library is now offered directly to end users by... More

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Font Bureau

fonts & type : font distributors


font distributors is...

Where to buy them. These font distributors and sometime-foundries connect with smaller firms and type designers to sell and distribute their fonts to the global market.



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