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Semi-Permanent 05

Unlike most design conferences that tend to focus on technology, Semi-Permanent delves into the creative side of design. Focusing on the passion that creative people have for their work. The Auckland Semi-Permanent is run over one day with six speakers presenting their work. This conference includes a diverse range of design fields: graphic design, broadcast, illustration, photography, web, fashion, film, graffiti, animation, and more. Semi-Permanent is a design event run by the crew at Design is Kinky and New Zealand partners The Church, along with the support of presenting partners Diesel. It is a unique and exciting event on the... More

Semi-Permanent 05

Place Project

A traveling suitcase portfolio and exhibition visited 35 cities and along the way picked up original pieces of work from hundreds of designers around the world - each expressing themselves through inspiration from their native environments. A wonderful, free exhibit... through December 23rd, 2004. Place Project (ES).... More

Flash For Mexico 2004

In its second reincarnation, Flash for Mexico presents 3 days and 20 artists at Queretaro, Mexico on December 1,2,3. One of the few, but seminal events for Mexican and North American designers alike. Info and registration at the site. Flash For Mexico 2004 (Queretaro, MX).... More


The 2004 call for entries for this progressive digital film Festival is open. Get discovered by submitting your original digital film work, where creativity gets you honors. Events include a screening of the seleted projects and guest curators. The submission entry deadline is quickly approaching for DOTMOV Festival, a competitive digital film festival held in Japan in November 2004. September 20th is the deadline and there's still time to submit your entries, so get going! SHIFT | DOTMOV FESTIVAL 2004 (JP). Call for entries started on June 1st (until Sept. 20th) The festival will be held from Nov. 1st to... More


Presented as one enourmous page (representing an open floor of ideas and concepts), the Media Space is about an upcoming event and conference that attempts to connect micro-utopic practices (such as mural art) and reconcile them with city planning. Focus on art and urban life. 22 - 24, Oktober 2004. MEDIA-SPACE 04: Medien im Raum/Raum in Medien (DE). Dates: 22-24 Oktober 2004.... More

YoungGuns A&D Awards

Aug 30th the entry deadline for the 2002 youngguns international advertising & design award is Friday, August 30th, 2002 and fast approaching. if you want to get your hands on an advertising, design or student entry kit, you can download one. YoungGuns International Advertising & Design Award.... More

{ Typophile } contest

Open submissions for their 1st annual T-shirt design contest. Be judged by the likes of: C. Highsmith (Font Bureau), J. Hoefler (Hoefler Type), R. Roat (House Ind.), C. Segura (T-26) & E.v.Blokland (Letterror)... What a tough crowd - whew! Typophile.... More

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