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Versus : Fts Vs Pix

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Versus : Fts Vs Pix

Author: Christian J. Ernst, Lars Harmsen, Ulrich WeiB
Released: May 2004
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VERSUS-X is an impressive confrontation between typography (FTS=Fonts) and image (Pix=Pictures). Presenting seventy typefaces by the German design studio MAGMA with accompanying photography from Christian Ernst, VERSUS-X features numerous examples of how these fonts can be applied.

The book’s appendix contains not only a printed overview of all featured fonts, but also a CD-ROM on which every typeface appears digitally – ready for free use in any layout. With VERSUS-X readers receive an extensive font catalog including a range of digital typefaces, inspiring examples and playful photography all bound by a plastic cover for one attractive price.

Versus : Fts Vs Pix

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