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Typographics 2 Cybertype : Zines + Screens

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Typographics 2 Cybertype : Zines + Screens

Author: Roger Walton
Released: March 1998
Avg customer rating: 5.0
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Typographics 2 is the second in a series of typographic showcases that presents a selection of outstanding and innovative work from around the globe. It enthusiastically embraces cybertype, a new typography that has been freed from the constraints of the printed page and possesses the potential to recreate the reader as user. From its origins in the multidimensional space of digital memory, cybertype moves away from linear narrative and begins to offer us alternative pathways through text and image. Format: Paperback, 244pp.

Typographics 2 Cybertype : Zines + Screens

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