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Cool Type 2wo

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Cool Type 2wo

Author: Spencer Drate, Jutka Salavetz
Released: November 1999
Avg customer rating: 4.5
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Used price: $3.89

This book showcases a great number of new and notable type designs, presenting many examples per page. Large format - hardcover. From the Publisher: "The profusion of new and innovative fonts has created a strong interest in how these typefaces can be used in actual designs. Cool Type 2wo shows how it's done through the cutting-edge work of 44 international type artists and design firms, including The Attik, Elan M. Cole, and Imaginary Forces. The [book] features high-quality reproductions, along with insights from the designers on how the typefaces were created or manipulated." Format: Hardcover, 160pp.

Cool Type 2wo

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