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Fotografiks - David Carson

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Fotografiks - David Carson

Author: David Carson, Philip B. Meggs
Released: October 21, 1999
Avg customer rating: 4.5
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Used price: $8.95

David Carson first made a name for himself debunking high-brow design aesthetics with a decidedly impulsive and intuitive approach to the printed page. Here he similarly debunks high-brow photography, with this collection of obscured, abstracted and often out-of-focus photographs. These lo-fi photographs are then elevated to another level by Philip Meggs's typically lofty writing.. be sure to check out Carson's grungy photograph of an empty chair, which Meggs decides is a study about "the absence of people." (That put a smile on my face, at least.)

Fotografiks - David Carson

Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jan 25, 2005


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