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Art at the Turn of the Millennium

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Art at the Turn of the Millennium

Author: Burkhard Riemschneider, Uta Grosenick, Lars Bang Larsen
Released: May 1999
Avg customer rating: 3.5
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Showcasing over 100 artists and their works - installations, painting, video art and more. Indispensible for anyone interested in modern art today.
From the publisher: "This book offers a broad overview of the international art scene at the end of the twentieth century. Four pages are devoted to each of the 137 artists featured, all of whom are listed alphabetically. Their work is introduced with pithy commentaries and displayed in more than 1,200 illustrations, documenting the latest trends in art. As the millennium draws to a close, this guide suggests directions in which the art of the future might be heading." Format: Paperback, 576pp. Compact, but very thick. Owned by DT: Yes.

Art at the Turn of the Millennium

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