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Paul Rand

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Paul Rand

Author: Steven Heller, George Lois, Jessica Helfand, Paul Rand
Released: May 1999
Avg customer rating: 4.5
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Used price: $92.31

A classic in the making over 30 years finally arrives! A must have for every graphic designer. From the publisher: " Paul Rand (1914-96) was a pioneering figure in American graphic design. [He] drew on the ideas of European avant-garde art movements, such as Cubism, Constructivism and De Stijl, and synthesized them to produce his own distinctive graphic language. [This] definitive collection... explores the full range of his advertising, publishing and corporate identity work [and] marks the first complete retrospective of Rand's powerful body of work." Format: Hardcover, 255pp. Owned by DT: Yes.

Paul Rand

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