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Narita Inspected

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Narita Inspected

Author: Lopetz
Released: December 2001
Avg customer rating: 5.0
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Used price: $99.91

Raw Fish, as it is translated, is far more than a compilation of contemporary Japanese graphic design. Next to the graphics, the book presents and portrays the artists in their personal living and working environment, i.e. usually one small room. In Raw Fish, Swiss designer Lopetz explores how Japanese culture and way-of-life mould the very particular aesthetics which uniquely sways between Japanese tradition and Western influence, between playful and at the same time puristic, reduced and perfect. An overall amazing compendium of modern styles featuring everything from character animation and macro photography to identity and type design. But don't just take our word for it: check out a preview of almost the entire book.

Narita Inspected

Reviewed by Bill on Jan 25, 2005



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