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Brasil : Source of Inspiration

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Brasil : Source of Inspiration

Author: Nando Costa, Robert Klanten, Mika Mischler
Released: May 15, 2003
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In Brasil, a country of brash, colourful contradictions, first and third world make easy bedfellows. Soaring past most nation's ideas of cultural diversity, Brasil boasts jungle and concrete, football and corruption, carnival and Copacabana beauties. In this mid-price volume, Brasilian native Nando Costa (hungryfordesign.com) and Miguel Vasquez (Masa, see also Latino) have compiled the work of Associates in Science, Buro Destruct, Cisma, Franois Chalet, Hi-Res, Jeremy Hollister, Rinzen, MK 12, State Design, Trollback & Co, Weworkforthem, Yugo Nakamura, etc to provide a saturated celebration of a truly fascinating country.

Brasil : Source of Inspiration

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