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Visible Music: CD Jacket Graphics

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Visible Music: CD Jacket Graphics

Author: Stefan Sagmeister
Released: September 1, 2000
Avg customer rating: 5.0
Amazon price: Temp, removed
Used price: $23.91

Techno, House, Soul, Rap, Rock, Popular, World, Jazz, Lounge. Here's where today's hottest music and graphics come together. Visible Music CD Jacket Graphics is a brilliant collection of contemporary CD cover art that is distinctive, bold and how top designers attack the difficult task of visually interpreting music in the limited space of a CD cover. These CD covers stand out from the crowd, from the vibrant simplicity of Beaucoup Fish and Push Upstairs by Underworld to the multifaceted and intriguing execution of Fantastic Spikes through Balloon by Skeleton Key, Visible Music is a creative exploration of today's rapidly changing music scene.

Visible Music: CD Jacket Graphics

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