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On Air - MTV

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On Air - MTV

Author: MTV
Released: March 30, 2006
Avg customer rating: 2.5
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Recently rebound in a red hardcover, this beautiful book looks at all the graphic and branding marvels created for MTV by young, not yet known artists, animators and filmmakers who brought forth some of the most creative expression of our time. This comprehensive book documents both the best in recent MTV designs and campaigns from around the world, with commentary on each piece and reflections on the station’s visionary influence on the design of the future. On Air is the definitive collection of the broad range of visual art created for MTV – from brand logos to trailers, motion graphics, web design, advertising - and comes with a 70 min. DVD containing a vast collection of unparalleled motion graphics from MTV stations around the world. Buy it now using the Amazon link below, or steal a look inside the book on the publisher's site; Die Gestalten - On Air.

On Air - MTV


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