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Skilla Designs

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Skilla Designs

The first time we saw this site, it got our juices stirring. But then this guy submitted it again, and the light-bulbs went off... and almost blinded us. This site single handedly made us bring back an old favorite, 'The Worst of the Web' - and a webdesign category was re-born! Well... where to start? This designer has an outstanding range of talents - spanning everything from multimedia videos, to handmade art with Christian messages to making many mismatching navigational buttons... he will even draft up architectural plans for your future home. Honestly, at first we thought it was a 'funny' being pulled on us by some design master in disguise... But in reality, it goes far beyond a joke and falls into the realm of true brilliance. You'll find inspiration at all levels of this site, and we highly recommed you do not miss one page of this crowning glory of web disasters.

Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jun 27, 2006


Abominable "New Era" design!

Posted by: Michelle - 06/28/06

Don't you think your being a little too hard on Skilla Designs?

Posted by: James - 06/28/06

I like the fact that he is representing Christ, and come on guys the site is not that bad to be in worst on the web.

Posted by: Jean - 06/28/06

Your web site is amazing.

Posted by: robonic - 06/28/06

I like all Christian sites. Actually his style might be coming back in too. With multibuttons, and random web stuff. Sort of 96-97 style. Don't hate. With all the templated blogs and css sites this is actually better in my opinion.

Posted by: Drew - 06/28/06

I do not think this website is worst I should know he is my brother and he work hard on it every day.

Posted by: Dwayne - 06/28/06

God definitely blessed Darold J. Pinnock with the talent of design. Unforntunately he did not bless the designer with the gift of sight.

Posted by: johnny - 06/29/06

Lmao, I'm at work dying laughing reading your blurb on this site. I checked it out and I thought it was a lil' bad, the flash graphics are cheesy and the colors mismatch but I thought it could be the worse. Then I clicked the love link, lololol, and I see why y'all hate it so bad.

Posted by: Alex - 06/29/06


worst of the web is...

Bad graphic designs that had to go somewhere. Worst of the webs websites.



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