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The Rock Collection

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The Rock Collection

You know you're a talented graphic designer when you create a 3-page website, plaster in a bunch of huge jpeg samples of your work, and don't even bother to put in a back button. It's like... who needs a website with navigation when the work speaks for itself... and your browser has a 'back' button embedded in it anyway? Well, this is one of those special occasions where it truly doesn't matter, because in the personal portfolio of Philippe Richardson, the illustration work and stills of broadcast commercials (some with Quicktime movies) will blow you away, and you won't even notice you're sitting at your desk anymore, much less which direction you want to navigate (besides simply scrolling up and down... over and over and over again).

Clients: Nissan, Coca-Cola, Nike, UPS


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 10, 2006


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