Jun 04, 2023

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We're not so sure what a root45 is, but this personal play space and work portfolio of Gary Pikovsky makes a defining impression that explains everything we needed to know. From many great logotypes and identities, to print, posters, websites and even signage, every project is simply presented in beautiful large format with great descriptions within a flowing navigational architecture. In fact, besides the name, there's nothing we could possibly find on the site that isn't perfectly explained and showcased. Great work from a designer who has worked in such firms as Pentagram, The Partners, Visual Dialogue and others.

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identity, logos, posters, print, Flash, Massachusetts

Reviewed by Filip on Mar 13, 2006



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Independent web designers, freelancers, solo firms and boutiques predominantly working for screen and online who maintain individual sites, design blogs or personal portfolios. Restricted to individuals located in the United States (see 'International Portfolios' for global listings).



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