Jun 04, 2023

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Otra Design

Clicks, pings, whrrs, and a slightly challenging interface... Otra Design makes us feel like we're not quite on the same planet as when we started this journey. And that's a good thing. Too many websites try to make you feel like you're in a modern minimal winterland or reading a slick print newspaper, and we often forget that we're still surfing the same cyber world as envisioned in the cyberpunk sub-genre created in William Gibson's novel Neuromancer. Well, Otra - meaning Other - reminds us again that the Internet is still digital and dark and difficult. And while exploring this cyber dream world - use the strange octopus plant to navigate - we discover that creator Jozias Dawson is a designer with his own particular vision. Strong in Flash and digital illustrations, we also should bring attention to his 200 plus sounds made for Flash and web designers. Great original site.

Posted under us based portfolios, sound design.

Otra Design

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Digital, dirty, sounds, audio, Flash, illustration, San Diego, California

Reviewed by Filip on Mar 15, 2006



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